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– The card Mines was an imbalance rep, the main purpose of processing – equal opportunities for both grips mountain Rep.
– Prokhorovka more will change in a couple patches, now it is just the beginning of change. Open secret, will move the mountain.
– “Airstrike” and “Shelling” made for “vykovyrivanie deep DEF.”
– This is only the initial consumables “Airstrike” and “Shelling”, then pillboxes and other things, a lot of will, plans have already been built.
– Nerf Tank Destroyers review is to increase the dynamics of fights and “teach PT ride.”
– The developers have not yet completed all the tasks for Shtuga say a lot of work.
– Map of Fire arc (unlike Prokhorovka) island is not changed.
– Wargaming.tv new project to promote fashion WG Stream, will bring back goldovye stream and will appear different codes in the window fashion.
– Update chat is the first part of Chat 2.0 – in the future it will be possible to write in other projects of the company, it will be possible to communicate outside of the client and other features.

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