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– “Excellence” is a temporary event will last 1 month release in the summer, the full announcement in the near future. – Capture the Flag to the “Sand River” showed himself badly on some cards in the end had to give (About the mode of superiority.)
– This event we are testing the “garage” and other features.
– We have a concept of the show ping each server at login, but as long as we do not enter. Just use the auto-login.
– Add and change the premium system will not WoT: Premium Account for 100/500/1000 fights Premium Account for 1 hour / 6/12.
– Work on weather and night fighting is not conducted.

– The highest sample remains at the PT after the nerf broneprobitiya. What you have seen – the internal test that decided to roll out in the ST. Sooner still talk about it. This is far from the preliminary figures. There is still a huge number of cars on the rebalance broneprobitiya.
– on the historical battles work. We understand that no one wants to play at the low-level technique.
– Will nerf conventional and goldovyh shells simultaneously. It will be a complete solution. But only when the entire pool of equipment we protest, and when we get the results, we introduce these features. Far KTTS.
– Processing perks already fully planned, there is a complete concept, but this thing has not yet started to do.
– From May 11 to ban took 500,000 (chat ban).
– We had tests roaming, everything went pretty well, but do not want to enter it, for several reasons. One of them is purely technical.
– Working on chat 2.0
– We will motivate the game in the platoon, the new shares and the TA.
– We work in over the bots (internal tests).
– Who is to be released soon Three cards will drop gradually into play – Berlin (all urban), Paris, Studzianka (Polish setting.)
[1,999,019] & gt; [1,999,002] For the transcript thanks WoT Express

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