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Transfer Your Account to the EU Server
2017-05-12 18:00:00 / News

Are you interested in transferring your account to the European server? For a limited time we’re offering one-time transfers. There’s a variety of reasons why players may need or want to do this, so if you do, here’s your chance.

A Wargaming ID is required for this transfer process, and currently only Game Center, Google Play, Microsoft, and Steam accounts can be merged with a Wargaming ID. See below for further information on how to merge your account.

Transfer Schedule

Application Deadline: 01:00 PT (04:00 ET) May 22

It typically takes one or two days to process your transfer request. You will be unable to log in while the transfer is taking place. Please do not purchase Gold or Premium vehicles during the process.

Instructions Make sure you have a Wargaming ID for your account. If you don’t, follow the instructions below to merge your current account with a Wargaming ID.
How to Upgrade Your Game Center Account to a Wargaming ID
How to Upgrade Your Microsoft Account to a Wargaming ID
How to Upgrade Your Google Account to a Wargaming ID
How to Upgrade Your Steam Account to a Wargaming ID Create a Wargaming ID account for the EU server. You can do this by opening the Menu in the left hand corner of your Garage screen and selecting “Disconnect from Server.” Then, chose the EU server from the server select screen and tap “Create WG.net ID.” Enter the game with your newly created EU server account and complete the tutorial mission. Fill out the transfer application form. You’ll need to include the email and password for your NA server account and for the new EU account that you just created. Once your transfer is complete, we’ll notify you.

Note: The new name chosen for your EU server Wargaming.net ID will be the name used after the transfer, not your original North American server ID name.

More Information The process may take longer than the stated 1-2 days. Please be patient. We will move all account information from your NA server account to your EU server account. Account transfers are a one-time procedure and an exceptional offer due to the default server issue with Blitz. Transferring your account later will not be possible. Once transferred, you will not be able to access your old NA server account anymore. We will reimburse existing Gold and Premium time after the account is complete. Your friends list can’t be transferred.

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