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December 24 at 19:00 (GMT) pass special broadcast dedicated to the release of an update 9.5. Chief guest events – producer World of Tanks Michael Zywiec aka Storm . He’ll tell you about the most important details of the new version of the game, answer questions, and share development plans for the near future.

In addition, in the Stream server RU1 will play platoon Developer World of Tanks:

  • Michael Zywiec ( Storm_tv [1,999,014])
  • Alexey Ilyin ( Inaki_tv [1,999,014])
  • Ulan Toleugaziev ( Lightman_tv [1,999,014]).
  • Each player will be able to get to them in a random battle (any team) and get 1000 .

    And those players who will be able to destroy the whole platoon developers, in addition to the game gold awaits a special award – the German premium Tank Destroyers VII level E 25 .

  • channel broadcast .
  • Participate and win!

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