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Many tanks to Life in Black for bringing this up.

Hello everyone,

here’s something interesting for you. Lebanon was always one of those countries that operate really strange or obsolete equipment, making them super interesting for tank enthusiasts. There were some interesting lebanese conversions, which mostly met their fate during the fighting with Israel or the civil war that tore the country apart. Here’s a graveyard of some of the more interesting vehicles – I picked just a few pictures as examples, the full album can be found here.

Autors of photos: Mathieu Morant and Chadi Rachid

Lebanese AMX-13 – Lebanon operated around 60 of those in the 1970s and 1980s, they were phased out of service in the 1990s. The AMX-13 was an amazing design for its time and served for ages in various parts of the world. Even now it is viable (although it can’t really slug it out with MBT’s).


The Charioteer – a certain number of these tank destroyers found its way to Lebanon in the 1970s. Participated in some fighting.


And here’s one more interesting thing – the Staghound armored car with a Crusader turret.


More vehicles and photos can be found in the Flickr album I linked above.

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