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Twister Season Results
2017-09-13 12:00:00 / News

The strongest commanders firmly established themselves at the very top of the rating and became acquainted with one another. The Storages of team players are stuffed with tournament Cups, they’re already running out of places to put them. This is how the Twister season ended. Winners were named, and now they only have to wait for their well-deserved awards and prepare for the grand finals — the World Blitz Twister Cup!

Hall of Fame: Rating

Tankers welcomed rating battles. Despite some minor hiccups, interest in them never faded, and battles were sometimes so intense that it wasn’t just the tablets that got hot in that emotionally charged atmosphere. In a word, rating battles were a success! At the same time, we all know that there were issues requiring improvements. We have already studied your feedback and are now analyzing the statistics obtained during the Twister season to make rating battles in future updates even more enjoyable, and future seasons — more exciting!

The end of the season doesn’t mean that the Hall of Fame will shut down. It continues to function and you’ll be able to stay up to date with the rating battle leaders.

Two months of intense battles can’t go unrewarded. According to the Twister season results, every rating battle participant will be awarded prizes. Prizes depend on a player’s rating place and the highest league where they fought. In a recent news article, we told you about the rewards for participation in rating battles: what these awards will be and how they will be accrued.

The commanders with the highest rating (at the moment the season ended) in each region deserve special mention:

CIS — _n0_skill_just_luck_ (8785 points); Asia — Xx_Black_Haru_xX (7040 points); Europe — The_HONOUR (7925 points); North America — Player_103562783 (7393 points).

We invite these outstanding fighters to Minsk to the Blitz Twister Cup as our honored guests. They’ll attend the tournament in Belarus, meet the developers, and take home some souvenirs. By the way, we’ll pay for their travel and accommodation!

Hall of Fame: Clans

The season is over, and the strongest clans will soon get rewards for participation in tournaments depending on the number of Cups they earned and their place in the rating. We congratulate heartily the strongest clans in the IX–X Tournaments category in every region. A special award has been prepared for them!

CIS Place I — [C4] EXPLOSIVE (119,850 Cups); Place II — [-V-] FOR VENDETTA (115,075 Cups); Place III — [EQ] Extra Quality (113,492 Cups); Place IV — [OLENI] Рендомные Олени (103,625 Cups). Asia Place I — [EHR] Ehre (87,852 Cups); Place II — [M_I_B] MEN IN BLACK (67,784 Cups); Place III — [XR] X-Range (63,125 Cups); Place IV — [ND] NEXT Dimensino (52,717 Cups). Europe Place I — [LGN] The Legion (88,400 Cups); Place II — [-M8-] The MATE’s (82,750 Cups); Place III — [-1-] F1RST ALLIANCE (75,902 Cups); Place IV — [BHBP] BestHungarianBlitzPlayers (66,300 Cups). North America Place I — [PRAMO] Cry About It (82,450 Cups); Place II — [PURPL] Purple Potatoes (64,450 Cups); Place III — [_V_] Void (32,252 Cups); Place IV — [-GP-] Ghost Priests (30,950 Cups).

These clans receive a pass for one team to go directly to the final stage of the qualifying tournament of the Blitz Twister Cup. Which means it will be easier for them to get into the LAN finals. This is how it works:

We contact the Leads or Deputy Leads of the specified clans. They provide the clan name and a list of members: 7 players for the Party + 3 reserve players In case of victory, only the 7 players in the Party will go to the Blitz Twister Cup in Minsk. If a clan fails to specify the list of members and submit the information by 15:00 (UTC) on September 16, we reserve the right to invite another clan that is next in the Hall of Fame by the number of Cups earned.

The winners of the Twister season have been announced, which means that Cups are no longer necessary at the moment. So, Cups won’t be awarded in tournaments held after September 13. Also, throughout the duration of the qualifying games of the Blitz Twister Cup, Grand Championship Tickets will be withdrawn from the prize pool of the tournaments.

In addition to awards, the Leads of the aforementioned clans also receive invitations to the Blitz Twister Cup in Minsk (regardless of whether their team made it into the tournament or not). We look forward to seeing you, we have much to discuss!

We’d like to remind you that the awards for the Twister season won’t be given out immediately. We’ll take some time to check the fairness of the results to be sure that prizes don’t go to dishonest players, and, along with this, we’ll punish rulebreakers.

See you at the Blitz Twister Cup!

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