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Type 59: Does It Live Up to the Hype?
2015-12-24 09:05:00 / News

Sure, there’s been plenty of hype surrounding the coveted Type 59, but the best possible recommendation for a tank always comes from your fellow tankers. If you’re sitting on the fence about purchasing the Type 59 or just curious about whether it’s a worthwhile addition to your Garage, then read on!

The Type 59 is available now in the Premium shop via two different bundles. Get it before it disappears January 4!

“Look, it’s mobile, it’s got enough gun to work with, it’s got Premium matchmaking, it’s strong enough to bounce a whole bunch of things, it makes Credits hand-over-fist… if you’re thinking of buying one I really can’t recommend it enough.”

– BushkaOnBlitz

“On Himmelsdorf, this thing can book it, but on medium to soft terrain the speed it usually gets is around of that of the Centurion.”
“I bounced a shot from the IS-6, so it can bounce the 122mm Russian guns that you see all too often.”

– Msixteen

“It does make quite a bit of Credits.”
“Type 59, overall—really good tank platooned up.”
“If you’re looking to pick a tier VIII Premium this is probably the one I’d recommend, especially if you do well in medium tanks.”

– KimJongSpoon

“After nearly 150 battles and a close to a 65% win rate, I would say it’s worth it. It’s great to Platoon with and makes a ton of Credits. I think I am closing in on 3.5 million over the the last couple days.”

– Zack_Torro

“I thoroughly enjoy this little beast. Armor is pretty troll, and [it] prints decent Credits.”

– Zugen

“It’s refreshing to play a medium and actually make Credits at the same time!”

– Zennosha

“Got it last night. Best thing I ever did. 37k Credits on a loss. 85k Credits with two kills. It’s amazing how many Credits it gets. Best money I ever spent. If you haven’t bought it yet, do so. It’s definitely my favorite tank!”

– Chefejl74

“If you hang back and hit targets of opportunity or take a solid hull-down position moving to front lines mid- to late-game, you’re going to rake in the Credits and damage.”

– Arctic_fox99

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