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Hello Warriors,

Wargaming EU has donated a Type 59 for the FV3805 Restoration and The Mighty Jingles has placed it for action on Ebay.
 The bidding has started at 50£, it will be open for 7 days and all the money will be going towards the project.

Bidding page: http://goo.gl/c38kdX
Note: EU server only. And the winner will have his tank added directly to their account by WG EU.

I could google a Type 59 image but then I have this. *Donger face*

Also on 19 September Jingles and I will be at the The Wight Military & Heritage Museum where the FV3805 resides for the first volunteering day.
If you wanna meet us and are interested in participating on the restoration just contact fv3805restoration@gmail.com .

No qualifications or previous experience is required but if you do then ever better and the museum is allowing volunteers to stay and camp overnight on the grounds and there are vehicles and other militaria to see with vehicle rides too.

No pledged amount is required to participate.

All of this information was discussed on this week’s Mingles with Jingles:

Thank you for all the support. :)

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