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Type 97 Te-Ke
Konnichiva, Tankan! [1999007 ]
August 2, 2014 of Wargaming.net was 16 years old and in honor of this event, developers MMO games “World of Tanks” launched a special festive hangar, which will be active from 1 to 14 August 2014 [1,999,005 ] And each of us will be surprised – Japanese light tank second level Type 97 Te-Ke (with slot). The tank is charged automatically. To do this, log into the game from 1 to 18 August 2014. Type 97 Te-Ke is a unique machine and can not be restored in the event of a sale.

Light Tank: Type 97 Te-Ke

Type 97 , “2597”, “Te-Ke” – Japanese small tank of the Second World War. In the West as applied to tanks full, and to wedgies. Was designed to replace obsolete Type 94 and was in production from 1937 to 1942. Turned out to be a successful design and was used extensively in China, Burma, Malaya and the islands of the Pacific Ocean to the 50s of the last century.
The troops “Te-Ke” is usually used for reconnaissance, communications and care tasks, but high for its class characteristics sometimes allowed to use it and to support the infantry. In addition, like most whippets, it was used as an armored tractor.
In all there were about 550 cars.

Game haraktistika tank Type 97 Te-Ke [1999030 ]

Features for art equipment at an initial level of 100% ownership of the main specialty of the crew.

Key Features

[ 1999042]

Level: II
Durability 160 HP
Weight / Load limit: 4.76 / 5.8 m
Price: [ 1999039] Gift tank

[1999040 ]

  1. crew commander (gunner, radio operator, loader)
  2. a driver

[ 1999039]

[ 1999039]
Power: 65 hp
Maximum Speed: 42 km / h
Speed ​​of rotation: 44 deg / sec [ 1999039]
Speed ​​Turret: 36 deg / sec
[ 1999039]
[ 1999044]
Reservations shell in mm:
  • forehead 12
  • board 10
  • feed 8
Book Tower in mm:
  • forehead 12
  • board 10
  • feed 10 [ 1999091]

[1999037 ]

Implement 37 mm Gun Type 98
Ammo: 102 pcs
Damage: 34-56 HP [ 1999039]
Penetration: 30-51 mm
Rate: 20.0 rds / min
[1999036 ]
Browse: 300 m
Communication range: 400 m

Historical sketches of tank type 97

In September 1937 year by “Mitsubishi” was built the first prototype of the new tank, save the layout of the tank “Type 94” with a front engine. Despite the fact that the tests showed a significant advantage over its predecessors, it was decided to abandon perednemotornoy layout due to the fact that the placement of the commander and driver in separate compartments prevent crew coordination. By November of that year, the second prototype was ready to tank, with the placement of the engine in the rear of the tank, and the driver and commander – in the common front office. Also, moving the engine compartment allowed to change the design of the engine, increasing its capacity from 60 to 65 liters. s. According to tests of both prototypes, the best option was recognized as a classic layout, which was adopted under the designation “Type 97” – seems to look at a toy tank. By the way, the game industry news can be found on the portal game2ok.com .
Подарочный танк 2-го уровня Type 97 Te-Ke

The layout of the tank was a rear-mounted engine and front-wheel – drive train. Separation of management combined with a battle. The crew consisted of two people – the driver and commander, also serves as the gunner-loader. Radio station on the tanks was absent.
Case “Type 97” had the following arrangement. Placed in front transmission components (steering gear and gears), for which there was a separation of management. Over the place of the driver install a small box-cutting with three observation slits and the front hatch, fold-up hinged top. Strongly tilted upper frontal part has a thickness of 12 mm, and the side plates with smaller angles were, which is very unusual for tanks greater thickness – 16 mm. On the inside of the body was attached Asbestos hit, partially protected the crew from shrapnel and bullets ricochet and protects from bumps on the armor. Any vision devices were out all battlefield surveillance was conducted through peepholes, not closed bronestёklami. In the hull and turret were loopholes for firing personal weapons, closing flap.
Подарочный танк 2-го уровня Type 97 Te-Ke

Chassis tank “Type 97″ borrowed scheme and a number of structural elements from wedgies ” Type 94. ‘ Applied to one side, it consisted of four rubber road wheels connected in pairs in two carts with the suspension of the “Hara”. Drive wheels located in the front, idlers were left on the ground and placed behind trucks with road wheels. Caterpillar Melkozvenchataya with odnogrebnevymi Tracians lantern meshing.
The main armament was the 37-mm gun “type 94”, with wedges, similar gun light tank “Ha-Go” early releases. Its armor-piercing shell weighing 0.67 kg with an initial speed of 575 m / s at a distance of 300 m past 35 mm of armor at an angle of meeting of 90 °. The gun was installed in the tower on the vertical and horizontal trunnion, makes the addition of vertical lay also perform limited tip in the horizontal plane without turning the turret. The gun had vertical guidance angles from -15 ° to +20 ° and ammunition of 96 shots. Any guidance mechanisms, as well as other early Japanese tanks were out sighting swing carried guns with a special shoulder rest. On tanks later series also raised 7.7 mm machine gun Type 97, coupled with the gun. Ammunition gun is 1750 rounds of ammunition.
In the rear of the hull was mounted, 4-cylinder diesel engine with OHV air cooling, develops power 65 hp at 2300 r / min, and gearbox. Engine cooling system included two fans and inlets for air supply were located on the sides and protected armored boxes. Near the engine was installed two fuel tanks on 59 and 32 liters. Exhaust pipe is led forward along the right nadgusenichnoy shelves.
Подарочный танк 2-го уровня Type 97 Te-Ke

Originally tanks “Te-Ke” placed at the disposal of infantry divisions stationed in China. The most active period of combat use came in the 1938-1940 biennium., When the Japanese army successfully advanced into the Chinese territory. His first real combat test for tanks “Te-Ke” took place in 1939, when 4 cars from the third tank regiment participated in the battles at Khalkhin-. “Te-Ke” participation in a frontal attack on the Soviet position is not accepted, and used for other purposes, thus remained one of the few survivors of the battle of the Japanese tanks.
Подарочный танк 2-го уровня Type 97 Te-Ke
[1999005 ] With the start of the Pacific War, “Te-Ke”, along with the still numerous in the army “Type 94”, used almost anywhere fought Japanese troops. Small tanks are usually reduced in the separate tank company and engaged in the conduct of exploration, as well as used as a connected machine. Therefore, in the battles they participated comparatively rare, despite the fact that its parameters is only slightly inferior to light tanks “Ha-Go.” Small weight and size allows sometimes use “Te-Ke” to support the infantry, where not even light could pass “Ha-Go”.
Подарочный танк 2-го уровня Type 97 Te-Ke

Yet “Te-Ke” in the battle turned out to be weaker than most of the enemy tanks, with the possible exception of English whippets; however, some of them armed with a 12.7 mm machine guns, it could penetrate the armor “Te-Ke” armor-piercing bullet. Even against a light tank M3 «Stewart” old 37-mm gun was ineffective, whereas a reservation “Te-Ke” was able to protect his only full of bullets caliber rifle. Thus, to successfully operate tanks “Te-ke” could only in the complete absence of anti-tank defense, pursuit of the enemy, or by using the element of surprise, which was confirmed by the fighting in China. But since 1939, they have become increasingly used as armored trucks and for reconnaissance. Only the acute shortage of armored vehicles forced the Japanese command to allocate a few dozen “Te-Ke” to support the troops in Malaya and the Philippines, where during the winter of 1941-1942. were completely destroyed by Allied troops. Single copies of “Te-ke” were also in the occupied islands of the Pacific and later participated in the defense during the 1944-1945 period., Where they were destroyed almost entirely.
Подарочный танк 2-го уровня Type 97 Te-Ke [1999005 ]
After 1945, most of the surviving “Te-Ke”, along with other armored vehicles seized by Soviet troops in the defeat of the Kwantung Army, were transferred to the People’s Liberation Army of China, where they were used until the late 1950s.
Подарочный танк 2-го уровня Type 97 Te-Ke
(c) photo by cybermodeler.com

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