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Hello everyone,

this is a sneak peek into the new 9.7 historical map, called “Overlord”.

According to Wargaming, it’s a mixed map, with one part covered with a village area and the other part with various permanent fortifications, while the other part of the map consists of an open area with enough cover, bushes, trees and landscape waves to cover your approach.

A generic allied landing site from 1944 was taken as the inspiration for this map and it’s worth noting that the landscape perfectly reproduces some of the local Normandy characteristics. The fighting on the map takes place between 5.6. and 7.6.1944, when the allied forces already landed and broke through the defense, but the remnants of the battle are still there, such as smoking wreckage and the beaches are filled with destroyed landing boats. Also worth noting is the fact that this map will introduce several objects unique to it, such as the bunkers, some houses and the new church model.

Raw video can be found here:


The bunker defense line, that can be seen on the map, was made according to German plans for that period. The only exception is the battery of giant defense guns, that in reality was situated 10-12 kilometers from the coast and was only added in order to make the map look cool. Real historical schematics of bunkers were used during the map development. The coastal line however was somewhat simplified, as in real life, it was completely filled with anti-landing and anti-tank obstacles. This simplification was made for gameplay reasons – in real life conditions, the beach area would be unplayable and optimization also had to be taken into account – large number of destructable objects could affect performance negatively.

The map is large (1000*1000) and all sorts of vehicles can find their place on it: MT’s are universal and can use the entire map, heavies can find their directions where they can get in close with the enemy, there are also enough positions for TD’s and arty to use and places where LT’s can scout.

More pictures (warning, large) in the article. Right-click and select “view image” for full resolution.

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