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Update 1.5 Livestream Today
2014-12-05 18:30:38 / News


Just this week, Update 1.5: British Steel blasted its way into Blitz! To welcome its arrival, we’re taking the new metal for a spin on the battlefield. We’ll be checking out all the latest features and content and interacting with all of you out there in Twitch land. Plus, there’s a possibility you could win Gold! Join us starting at 2pm PST on Twitch.tv/Wargaming!

When: December 5, 14:00 PST (17:00 EST) to 15:00 PST (18:00 EST)
Where: Twitch.tv/Wargaming

Be sure to subscribe to the Wargaming Twitch.tv channel! Join us in chat to be eligible for prizes!

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