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Update 1.8 Coming Soon
2015-04-14 10:26:00 / News

Wargaming is constantly working to improve and add new features to World of Tanks Blitz, and the next version is on its way! With the upcoming Update 1.8, you’ll find an automatic demo account system, a more informative tutorial mode for novice players using bots, and challenging battle missions! 

Demo Account System

Tell your friends to try Blitz! With the new update, getting into the game will become much simpler and faster. Players will no longer need to spend time creating an account, and can jump into action with only a few taps.

Tutorial with Bots

The tutorial will be remade to provide more details about each step, and will also include more real battle situations. This way, new players will enter the battlefield much more prepared for the real fight, or you can brush up on your own existing battle skills.

Battle Missions

A new system is going to be implemented that allows players to receive in-game bonuses for completing certain objectives. Each mission will vary, so be sure to understand its conditions, whether they’re regarding vehicle class, tier, etc. 

More details on each of these new features coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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