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Update 1.8: Get Rewards with Battle Missions
2015-04-16 18:59:00 / News

With the upcoming Update 1.8, we’re rolling out a number of new and exciting features to World of Tanks Blitz, and missions are probably the most of exciting of them all. Every tank commander will now have the chance to earn rewards for reaching new goals in battle. Now, let’s go on and give Battle Missions a great big Blitz welcome!

How does it work?

Upon the release of Update 1.8, a new button will appear in your Garage that’ll open up the Missions menu.

Missions will vary in difficulty from simple missions (e.g. inflict 400 damage to enemy vehicles in a single battle) to more advanced missions (e.g. as a platoon, destroy at least four enemy vehicles and inflict a minimum of 6,000 damage in a single battle). To see details on a particular mission, tap the mission card. 

If you don’t wish to pursue a mission for any reason, you can skip it. However, you may only skip a mission once every 24 hours. 

Additionally, there are three types of missions:

Single Battle Missions must be completed within a single battle. 

Cumulative Missions can be completed over several battles.

Platoon Missions must be performed with a platoon mate. They may require completion in a single battle or over several battles. 

Moving onto the next mission

To complete a mission, you simply need to roll into battle and fulfill the conditions of the mission. Once the mission is complete, you will immediately receive your reward.

Each completed mission will be labelled as such.


Once you have completed a mission, you can trade it in for a new one. However, you can only get three new missions every 24 hours, with the availability resetting at the same time as the daily first victory bonus. Missions that have not yet been completed will remain in the Missions menu until they have been either completed or skipped.


Missions are not only a way to put your skills to the test and help you reach new levels of battle savviness, but they also bring great rewards! The following are some common examples of rewards: 

Premium time


Free XP

Crew XP


Accept the challenge, tankers, and take over the battlefield! Mobilize!

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