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Update 1.8: Skip Registration with Demo Accounts
2015-04-15 17:50:00 / News

If your friends shudder at the mere mention of registration forms, do not hesitate to invite them to join your platoon in World of Tanks Blitz! After the release of Update 1.8, they’ll be able to start playing with just one click, no registration necessary.

Download and Play

In Update 1.8, registraion will no longer be necessary to play World of Tanks Blitz. New players will be able to start playing immediately using an automatically created demo account.

There is no difference between demo and standard accounts within the game, except that demo accounts use an automatically generated name. Demo account users will be able to play, retain their progress, and even make purchases in the Store!

Note: Demo account credentials are linked to a mobile device. In case of a technical failure, the player’s progress may be lost forever.

Avoid the Risk

This risk can easily be avoided by upgrading the demo account to a standard account. Do any one of the following to upgrade: 

Login via Game Center / Google Play Input an active email address to create a Wargaming.net ID Link the account to Facebook Once the account is upgraded: It becomes playable on any mobile device. The Customer Service Center will be able identify the account in case of any problems. The player will be able to select a name of their liking, so that everyone will know who’s taking out the enemy. A Gold reward will be credited to the completed player profile!

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