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Update 2.0: How to Use Clan Profiles
2015-07-30 20:56:00 / Guides

Continuing our ongoing look at the Clan feature introduced with Update 2.0, today we’ll be taking a look at your source of information about a Clan: the Clan Profile!

What’s a Clan Profile?

After you’ve used the “Find a Clan” feature, you’ll be able to view information about a Clan via its Clan Profile. On the Clan Profile you’ll be able to check out a Clan’s logo, description and motto, as well as some stats about its members. You can also use the Clan Profile to request to join the Clan.

Basic Info

Things you’ll be able to find on a Clan Profile include:

Clan insignia Clan tag Number of members and list of names Clan motto Clan description

Tags! If you’re creating a Clan and trying to think of the perfect Clan tag, keep in mind these rules: They must be 2-5 characters long, and you’ll only be able to include letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores.


The Clan Profile also includes some stats about a Clan and its members, including:

Average number of battles per day Average number of battles per member Average victory ratio of members Average damage dealt per member Average vehicle tier per member

If you navigate to the the Clan member list, you’ll also be able to view these same stats for each specific Clan member.

Take Note! When viewing the individual player stats for a Clan you’ll probably notice that the victory percentage ration shows up in different colors. Players with a lower ratio will have the stat appear in white, while green, blue and purple stats will represent increasingly better ratios! If you see a lot of purple in a Clan’s member list, they’re a Clan of winners!

Joining a Clan

Each Clan Profile also includes a button to request to join a Clan. Keep in mind that joining a Clan isn’t automatic— you’ll have to be approved by either a Deputy Commander or Clan Commander!

Clan Rules and Restrictions You can only be a member of one Clan Players already in a Clan can’t apply to join another, nor can they receive Clan invitations Clans can have a maximum of 50 members

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