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Update 2.1 – Clan Chat
2015-09-03 09:10:00 / News

We’ve got details on one of the most anticipated features is coming in the 2.1 update: The ability to communicate with other players from your Clan!

You can use this feature to quickly find a Platoon or to ask game questions in a private Clan channel!

The message window will appear as “Clan Chat,” a separate channel displaying chat messages from players who are in your Clan. To help sort through messages, those from the Clan commander and their deputies will be shown in a different color.

The left side of the screen will display a list of the players in your Clan who are currently online, as well as an indicator, for example, “7/42” means that for the moment, 7 out of 42 players in your Clan are online.

New chat messages will be displayed at the top of the window, with older ones at the bottom. If the Clan chat tab is inactive, then it will display the number of unread messages you have.

What will change for players who are not in a Clan? Even if you are not in a Clan, there is a “Clan Chat” tab. When you click on this tab, you will receive clarification in the right part of the screen saying “The player is not in a Clan” as well as a button to find or create a Clan. The “Invite friends” button has been replaced with a larger chat menu on the left which offers more ways to contact friends. The button used to create a Platoon will appear in the top bar on the right when you invite a player. It is larger, and instead of icons, it contains the text “Create a Platoon.” The name of the selected player now displays in the top bar in the middle of the screen, as well as a menu with “Add Friend” and “Block” buttons.


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