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Update 2.1: UK Tank Preview
2015-09-04 12:37:00 / News
Rule Britannia with British Tank Destroyers

A new set of British vehicles makes its way to World of Tanks Blitz in Update 2.1, bringing heavy armor and fast firepower with them. Check out the details below!

Tier II: UC-2 pdr   

The Universal Carrier was developed during the interwar period and became the main armored personnel carrier used by British Commonwealth forces. In 1940, a variant with a 40mm anti-tank gun was developed. This tank destroyer offers good speed, good view range and excellent firepower.

Tier III: Valentine AT  

Larger, slower, and better-armored than the UC-2 pdr, the Valentine AT was an experimental vehicle with a bigger gun placed on the middle of a Valentine tank chassis. With good hull armor and powerful weapons, this tank destroyer can snipe with the 6 pdr or brawl with the 3.7-inch howitzer.

Tier IV: Alecto

The Alecto was a 1944 attempt to place larger guns on the Tetrarch light tank chassis. Fast and well-armed, this tank is the definition of a “glass cannon,” capable of dealing immense damage but not able to take many hits. Harass your enemies, then relocate and hit them from the sides.

Tier V: AT 2            

A stark contrast to the Alecto, the AT-2 was designed in 1943 as an assault tank to punch through enemy lines. Boasting excellent armor all around, the AT2 moves slowly and must rely on allies to protect its flanks, as it is designed to lead an assault and soak up tremendous amounts of damage.

Tier VI: AT 8            

Similar to the AT 2, the AT 8 retains the low speed and high armor of its predecessor while bringing a better cannon and a larger HP pool to the fight!

Tier VII: AT 7           

An improvement to the AT 8, the AT 7 keeps the thick armor and slow-yet-steady playstyle of the AT-series, while mounting a powerful and accurate gun on the far right side of its hull, enabling it to peek around corners and limit its exposure.

Tier VIII: AT 15  

A British prototype that evolved into the famous Tortoise, the AT 15 has good armor and a centrally-mounted, rapid-firing gun with a large gun arc, making it versatile and good for angling.

Tier IX: Tortoise            

A fearsome assault tank designed in Britain in 1942. The Tortoise is the last and heaviest of the slow tank destroyers in the British TD line. While it may not be the most armored at its tier, the Tortoise has a fearsome, accurate and fast-firing 120mm cannon and a very large HP pool.

Tier X: FV215b (183)

The FV215b (183) mounts a massive 183mm cannon on a Conqueror heavy tank Chassis. It’s big, brutal, and it hits extremely hard, and while its turret can only rotate 45 degrees in either direction, it is more than enough to keep up with the enemy if you plan your shots. With the long reload and low ammo capacity on the FV, you’ll have to be careful aiming, but that doesn’t matter when you hit the enemy with a massive blast from the “Death Star”!

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