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Update 2.10: Rockfield Map Improvements
2016-06-02 18:02:00 / News

For Update 2.10, we’ve revisited the map Rockfield to make some minor adjustments in the name of game balance and flow. Here’s a few of the improvements you’ll see once Update 2.10 drops:

Rockfield Before & After

We’ve expanded the play area by reducing the size of the mountain near the flag. There’s now more room to maneuever. Bushes have been added to increase cover and allow tier VIII and above vehicles to better utilize their Coated Optic and Binocular Telescope items. Positions for tank destroyers have been created to alloq them more involvement in battle. A rocky plateu has been placed in the middle of the map, providing some cover that allows teams to make raids behind enemy lines. The area around the hangar door has received cosmetic and balance improvements and should now be more suitable for heavy tanks, particularly in allowing them to support medium tanks nearby. Across the entire map our artists have given Rockfield a bit of an overhaul, including adding predawn “haze,” vegetation and distinctive colors for different areas of the map. Screenshots and Video

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