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Update 2.2 – Level 6 Crew Skills
2015-10-02 17:26:27 / News
Train a Veteran Crew!

With the release of Update 2.2, we’re adding a new level to the existing Crew skills to help make your tanks even more deadly!

A sixth level will be added for each of the existing Crew skills, increasing that skill’s effect proportionally with each level. For example, when you upgrade the Mentor skill to level 5, you will receive a 5% bonus to the Crew experience earned. The same skill upgraded to level 6 will give a 6% bonus.

You can use your Free XP as well as the Crew XP earned on a vehicle of the qualifying class to upgrade a skill to level 6.

Due to the introduction of the next skill level, the reset price to upgrade to the maximum level has been changed accordingly – the reset price for skill level 6 will be 2,900.

Skill mastering XP “prices” will also be adjusted in view of this change:

Skill LevelOld PriceNew Price1 17,000 XP 25,000 XP
2 34,000 XP 50,000 XP
3 68,000 XP 100,000 XP
4 200,000 XP 200,000 XP
5 680,000 XP 500,000 XP
6   1,000,000 XP


As you can see above, the cost in XP to upgrade your level 1-3 skills increased, while the level 4 skill upgrade cost remains unchanged. To train your Crew to level 5, the XP cost actually decreased by 180,000 XP!

Don’t worry — you won’t lose any Crew skills! After the update release, players who have already mastered all skills will retain their progress! The upgrade prices only change for the skills that you have not yet mastered.

We hope this clears things up. Happy Tanking!

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