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Update 2.4: New Japanese Line
2015-12-02 19:00:00 / News

You’ve already caught a glimpse of Japanese tanks with the Shinobi, but a full line of Japanese machinery is finally set to arrive in Blitz! 13 new Japanese tanks are ready to wreak havoc on the battlefields of Blitz! From the nimble Renault Otsu to the fast-reloading, hull-down shooter that is the STB-1, you’ll find plenty to like in this line!

New Japanese Line Light Tanks Ha-Go (II) Ke-Ni (III) Ke-Ho (IV) Medium Tanks Renault Otsu (I) Chi-Ni (II) Type 97 Chi-Ha (III) Type 1 Chi-He (IV) Type 3 Chi-Nu (V) Chi-To (VI) Chi-Ri (VII) STA-1 (VIII) Type 61 (IX) STB-1 (X)


Type 61 (IX)


Type 61 (IX)

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