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Update 2.5: Camouflage
2016-01-06 21:00:00 / News
Camouflage Comes to Blitz!

Update 2.5 is here soon, and with it, a hotly-anticipated feature: camouflage. That means you’ll be able to deck out your vehicles out in a variety of patterns, which will not only help you personalize your vehicles, but also provide them with nifty hiding assistance. There’ll be plenty of patterns to choose from, which means you’ll have lots of options to make your vehicles look cool and increase their battle effectiveness!

Types of Camouflage There are four types of camouflage: “summer,” “winter,” “desert” and “universal.” Winter camouflage is used on “Winter Malinovka,” “Himmelsdorf,” and “Dead Rail” maps. Desert camouflage is used on “Desert Sands,” “Black Goldville,” and “Oasis Palms” maps. Summer camouflage is used on all other maps. If equipped, universal camouflage will appear on all maps.

The four types of camouflage are further divided by national and general camouflage types. This means if you’re adding camouflage to a German tank, you’ll see German-specific camouflage that you wouldn’t see if you were selecting camouflage for another nationality.

Concealment Bonuses 2% bonus for heavy tanks. 3% bonus for light and medium tanks. 4% bonus for tank destroyers.

Camouflage stacks with “Camo Net” equipment item, so use both for maximum effect!

Selecting Camouflage Enter your Garage and you’ll see a “Camouflage” button next to “Consumables.” Tap that and you’ll be taken to a menu with the camouflage options available to your selected vehicle. Each vehicle will have three camouflage slots, each for the different pattern types.  The Credit price for camouflage depends on the tier of the vehicle you’re applying them to. (500 – 3000) You’ll also have the option to automatically resupply your camouflage, so you won’t need to manually buy it again after each battle.

Things to Know If you elect to have automatically resupplied camouflage, you’ll see the Credit cost in your after battle report screen. If camouflage isn’t showing up for you in battle, check your graphics settings and make sure that the “Display camouflage” setting is enabled. To change an camouflage, you’ll have to sell your currently-equipped camouflage and select a new pattern. Don’t worry—you’ll receive the full price of your camouflage for selling it! You won’t be able to add camouflage to vehicles that already have custom camouflage, like the T34 Independence, but they will receive the same concealment bonuses according to their vehicle class.

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