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Just a little update, first of all… don’t forget that tomorrow is the scheduled date for the FV4202 Marathon, I just hope it doesn’t become like in the Russian server, if it does, I may actually take a break from my WoT EU account (hope the hordes of Mutz and Action X on NA already dissipated):

Also, about the 9.14 Test Server, Ph3lan wrote today in the forum:

 “Currently we don’t expect the Public Test servers to be up today. We might have more information on Monday, and we will let you know as soon as we know more. I know that you guys are disappointed and want to try out the new features (I am in the same boat) but for now we have to wait for the developers to fix the problems so we can all try out the new physics and sounds. However, a Public Test usually goes trough more than one iteration, so when worst comes to worst we can still wait for the next round to start.

Some of the Russian pages are saying that the test will be back on Monday but I’m not resting my hand on it, will seek someone from WG who’s online in Valentines Day and try to get a sturdy answer.

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