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Update 3.10 Notes
2017-06-20 16:00:00 / News

Update 3.10 is a small patch mostly focused on bugfixes and general improvements.

Server Downtime May 20, 12:00 PT (15:00 ET) – 16:30 PT (19:30 ET) Get Your Boosters Pack

We’re giving out Boosters as part of a special reward next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

Full Release Notes New Content Added “Clan Guardian” Legendary Camo for the IS-5. Price: 1,590 Added Tornado Energy advertising banners to maps; for a limited time, Adrenaline consumables are renamed “Tornado Energy” General Fixes and Improvements Option to report provocative chatting as part of the Military Honor system Added information about your last login to the login screen Updated pre-battle tooltip icons Transferred FCM 50 t to tier VIII on the tech tree Changed system for rewarding players with Spare Parts after battle:

Players now receive Spare Parts after a battle only if they win, with between 8 and 115 awarded depending on vehicle tier

Spare Parts will also be given with Battle Hero awards (except “Scout” and “Invader”), “Kamikaze” and “Raider” Honorary Ranks, Epic medals (except “Billotte’s Medal”), and “Crucial Contribution” and “Brothers in Arms” Platoon awards. Reward ranges are from 10 to 1,000 Spare Parts depending on award and tier

Removed Bronze Series tickets and players will be compensated with Credits:

                Level V-VI: 40,000
                Level VII-VIII: 80,000
                Level IX-X: 80,000

Added label about Clan or player participation to tournament lists Bugfixes Added missing crash texture for the 76mm ZiS-5 gun Fixed issue with stuck vehicles on Mayan Ruins Fixed game client freezing when unlinking a Facebook account on Windows 10 Fixed a bug that caused the camera to continue to rotate when swiping during the battle start countdown Fixed a bug that caused the display to switch off or PC to lock while the Blitz client was open on Windows and Mac Reworked assorted game screens Fixed in-game notification and description text Fixed general client crashes

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