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Update 3.4.2 Coming Soon
2016-12-20 18:00:00 / News

The holidays are nearly here and we’ve packed the end of the year with some great events… and bugfixes!

Update 3.4.2 is Coming Soon Server Downtime December 20, 12:30 PT (15:30 ET) – 16:30 PT (19:30 ET)

[Times are approximate]

Full Release Notes New Content Removed Gold/real money costs for resupplying camouflage. It’s now free!
Note: Verdun Forest, True Devotion, and Winter Celebration 2017 will still require Credits to resupply Players can select which vehicle to use XP from for researching the next vehicle. This is for cases when multiple vehicles lead to just one in the next tier Added a stage award in Supremacy mode for the amount of victory points earned. All victory points now count towards the Supremacy Medal Maps Fixed assorted visual errors on Mines, including shadows and red borderlines Fixed object textures and visual errors on Port Bay. Removed the ability to shoot through the bridge deck. Also fixed for Spectator mode Fixed Lost Temple error where vehicle turrets moved on their own Tournaments Added vehicle tier and control type requirements for tournament team creation Fixes and Improvements Control setting preferences now stored separately for mobile and desktop clients Fixed HP value for M5 Stuart. Now 500 HP for stock turret and 540 HP for top turret Added display of vehicle stats as they would be with 100% Crew mastery for vehicles not yet purchased Changed default map size to the maximum setting on desktop clients New 500-character limit for Clan descriptions Fixed battle results screen to take supply discounts on camouflage into consideration Fixed accuracy of technical stats on the Mastery screen Decreased loading time when opening Clan profiles Added information about newly acquired items to the Storage screen Bugfixes Fixed asynchronous behavior between client and server that caused incorrect reticle performance. Shells now travel as intended during turret traverse and issues that occurred while driving behind a wall have been fixed Fixed issue with resetting missions for Gold when the player had no vehicles in their Garage Fixed caused the display of negative damage caused for Clans Fixed prohibited players from entering latest active channel when re-entering chat Fixed inccorect display of aiming time when comparing two vehicles of stock configuration Fixed client crash after tapping friend request notification Fixed empty receipt displayed after new items acquired Fixed display of traverse speed after mounting new engines or changing vehicle weight Fixed occurrence of different penetration and damage stats for the same vehicle on different platforms Removed the display of hidden controls on module screen Fixed the display of shells after changing window size and re-entering the game in Windows client Fixed key and mouse commands not working on the chat and purchase confirmation screens on desktop clients Fixed the order of national flags in the vehicle filter Fixed the sound signaling the end of battle when one team won by points earned in Supremacy mode Fixed bug that prohibited changing shells after battle had begun Fixed assigned colors to spawn points instead of teams in Spectator mode Fixed keyboard display while chatting on Android client Fixed error with changing the name of a Steam account without linking it to an email address

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