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Update 3.8: Overhauled Equipment System
2017-04-26 17:00:00 / News

When we announced a new equipment system to Blitz, reception was mixed. Overhauling a major game system is bound to raise some eyebrows, so in the name of transparency we’re laying it all out for you in this article.

tl;dr? We’ll be publishing a video explaining the new equipment system in the near future!

New Equipment System at a Glance Nine equipment slots across three levels Each slot allows a choice between two types of equipment Unlock slots with Credits or “Spare Parts” Why Change?

In short: more and better choices.

When a player asks for a recommended loadout with the current system, they usually get the same advice regardless of vehicle. If equipment boils down to using the same few items, that means there isn’t much choice. That’s not good.

We’ve removed the most unpopular and ineffective equipment and added new choices that offer worthwhile bonuses. This means more choices and better customization. Because you can switch between the two kinds of equipment in each slot, experimenting with new loadouts is easier than ever before.

New Equipment: By the Numbers 19 types of equipment 9 pieces of equipment mounted simultaneously 512 different equipment combinations How Does It Work?

Each vehicle has nine equipment slots divided into three levels. Under each level are three categories of equipment: Combat Power, Vitality, and Specialization. Each slot must be unlocked individually.

Unlocking Equipment Slots

Level I equipment slots are unlocked using Credits, but levels II and III must be unlocked using “Spare Parts.”

You have a 50% change of earning Spare Parts  after each battle but can also earn them by completing battle missions. They’re stored in the “Other” tab of your Storage.

Earned in Battle: 50% Chance Victory: 55 – 231 Defeat: 28 – 116

The amount of Spare Parts earned in battle depends on the tier of your vehicle — the higher the tier, the more you get!

Earned by Completing Battle Missions 430 – 3,100 per mission Things to Know To unlock level II slots you must unlock all level I slots first After spending Credits or Spare Parts to unlock a slot, you must wait a certain amount of time before it can be used (time depends on the tier of the vehicle and the level of the slot) Only one equipment slot can be unlocked at a time If you cancel the unlock process, you’ll be refunded 100% of the Credits or Spare Parts spent Unlock timers can be skipped using Gold; the less time remaining to unlock, the less Gold required

The Gold cost of skipping unlock times will be significantly discounted until the next update.

What Happens to My Old Equipment?

Any equipment mounted is converted into slots and Spare Parts. For each piece of equipment on a vehicle, that many level I slots is unlocked once Update 3.8 goes live. You’ll also receive Spare Parts for both mounted equipment (the higher the equipment Credit cost, the more Spare Parts) and the number of battles you’ve played. For each battle, you’ll receive between 28-71 Spare Parts, depending on the tier of your vehicle.

Start on the right tread! If you want more unlocked slots and Spare Parts once this new system kicks off, mount equipment on as many vehicles as you can.

The number of Spare Parts will depend on the cost of your equipment in credits. For example, if a Tier X vehicle features Improved Ventilation, Vertical Stabilizer, and Gun Rammer that cost 1,800,000 in total, you will receive 22,500

Using Equipment

Once the timer has elapsed, your equipment slot is unlocked and ready to use. By default, the first equipment option is equipped first. It’s only possible to equip one piece of equipment per slot, but once a slot is unlocked you can switch between the two options as many times as you want, at no cost.

Worried about selling your vehicle? Repurchased vehicles will have all of the equipment slots you’d previously unlocked available.

Improved Icons

Improved equipment icons will convey more information and allow you to size up a vehicle’s “build” at a glance.

New Equipment and Bonuses Combat Power

Equipment that improves the performance of your vehicle’s gun.

Level I

Improved Ventilation. +5% to all Crew skills.
Note: This is only available on vehicles with autoloaders or machine guns.

Gun Rammer. -7% reload time.
Note: This is available on vehicles with regular guns and open cabins.

Calibrated Shells. +5% penetration.

Level II

Enhanced Gun Laying Drive. +10% aiming speed.

Supercharge. +10% shell velocity, -30% penetration drop with distance.

Level III

Vertical Stabilizer. +15% accuracy during movement and turret traverse.

Refined Gun. -5% dispersion at 100m.


Equipment in this category will help your vehicle take critical damage less often, repair faster, and survive longer.

Level I

Protected Modules. +10% protection for engine, transmission, and ammo rack. +10 suspension and fuel tank durability.

Enhanced Cabin. +10% Crew protection, -10% damage from ramming.

Level II

Enhanced Armor. +5% hull and turret armor.

Improved Assembly. +5% HP.

Level III

Enhanced Tracks. Entirely restores track HP during automatic repairs (without using a Repair Kit), but does not accelerate repair time.

Toolbox. +25% repair speed.


This category gives you a choice between focusing on view range or concealment and speed or maneuverability.

Level I

Improved Optics. +10% view range, up to 500m.

Camouflage Net. Between -3% and -7% visibility while moving, and between -6% and -14% visibility while stationary for more than three seconds. Bonus amount depends on vehicle type.

Level II

Improved Control. +7% top traverse speed.

Engine Accelerator. Reach vehicle top speed 7% faster.

Level III

Consumable Delivery System. Consumable cooldown 10% faster.

High-End Consumables. +15% consumable duration for Engine Power Boost and Adrenaline.

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