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Update 4.0: New French Tank Destroyers
2017-07-17 18:00:00 / News

The French Tech Tree gets fresh forces in Update 4.0: nine brand-new tank destroyers! These dangerous machines can’t wait to start battling. While they’re getting ready, let’s take a closer look:

The appearance and design of these machines from the beginning to the middle of the new branch show how the idea of tank destroyers was developing. Despite their weird shapes and odd arrangements, these French tank destroyers turn the enemy to scrap without hesitation.

Tier II: Renault FT AC

Let’s take the Renault FT and replace its turret with an open cabin. The result is a poorly armored, slow, but well-armed vehicle. Its quick-firing top gun can easily penetrate any Tier II–III enemy, and armor-piercing composite rigid shells will help out with an average penetration of 110mm.

Tier III: Renault UE 57

A very small and light tank destroyer. It has no armor (9mm hardly counts!). Because of its very low weight, the UE 57 can get stuck on destructible objects on the map like boxes or trucks, so don’t try to ram with it. The main feature of this vehicle is a gun that can penetrate even the robust  Hetzer or Matilda.

Tier IV: Somua SAu 40

The Somua has the dynamics of a heavy tank, a low silhouette with a big turret, and offers both high-explosive and classic armaments. The HE gun reloads slowly and causes 400 HP of damage (or 210 with a HEAT shell), yet both types of shells have their own features and restrictions. Another option is a 75mm gun with about nine seconds of reload and 100mm of penetration. Basically, an accurate, fast gun dealing 160 HP of damage is a reliable and universal weapon for anyone.

Tier V: S35 CA

This vehicle features a large open cabin, good speed, and non-standard horizontal traverse angles: 15 degrees to the left and 29 to the right. The first gun (76mm) will fit anyone’s preferences: it reloads in five seconds, causes 160 HP of damage, and penetrates 171mm, which is great for Tier V. The second gun (90mm) reloads in less than eight seconds and only penetrates 135mm, but causes 225 HP of damage. Choose wisely!

Tier VI: ARL V39

A low, vehicle with good single-shot damage. The ARL V39 isn’t very maneuverable, but it’s pretty fast in a straight line, reaching 30 to 40 km/h. Just like its predecessors, its firepower compensates for the lack of armor: the top 105mm gun causes 310 HP of damage, penetrates 165mm of armor, and fires 6.52 times per minute. Who could want anything more?

Tiers VII and VIII: AMX AC 46 and AMX AC 48

After the ARL, the French tank destroyer branch switches to more classical designs. Starting from Tier VII, you’ll mostly see rational armor slope angles, good maneuverability, and powerful long barreled guns.

Tier VII: AMX AC 46

It reaches 40 km/h with confidence, has 120mm of front armor, and great damage per minute. The top 100mm gun fires 8 times per minute, penetrates 202mm of armor, and causes 310 HP of damage. But if you’re a real sniper, you should definitely try the 90mm gun. It only penetrates 170mm, but its potential damage per minute is over 2,650 HP, and that’s before applying the effects from a Rammer and Provisions!

Tier VIII: AMX AC 48

It’s long like a limo, protected by 150mm of armor, and has a Tier X gun with its own vulnerabilities. This tank can take a hit or two, but you still shouldn’t use it in close combat, especially with the 120mm gun with 260mm of penetration and 400 damage. Its bare reload time is 11.5 seconds, but it’s a fair price for an opportunity to penetrate any vehicle you meet!

Tiers IX and X: AMX 50 Foch and AMX 50 Foch (155)

These tank destroyers are named for Marshal Ferdinand Foch, the French Supreme Allied Commander during World War I. You should know that these tanks get really upset when they hear their names pronounced as “fotch” and not “fosh,” so please try not to hurt their feelings.

Vehicle Characteristics

Basically, you’ll see the AMX 50 Foch at Tiers IX and X. It’s not easy to distinguish them, but the Tier IX version features spare tracks on the sides, and the Foch 155’s suspension is partially hidden by the side shields.

The Tier IX AMX 50 Foch has a more quick-firing model of the 120mm gun from the AMX AC 48. Good penetration and over 3,000 HP of damage per minute make this gun highly effective, even in battles against Tier X vehicles. Add 180mm of armor and good dynamics and you can be sure the Foch will prepare you for Tier X!

The Foch (155) has all the advantages of the AMX 50 Foch but a more powerful engine, more HP, and a large-caliber 155mm gun. Compared with other tank destroyers in Tier X, there’s nothing new here in terms of the armament (big single-shot damage and great penetration), but it has a slow reload. On the bright side, this tank destroyer is fast and has good protection.

Considering its heavy armament and 180mm armor, the Foch 155 is very maneuverable: it accelerates to 30 km/h from rest, maintains 40 km/h on the move, and reaches 50 km/h on flat ground.

The formula for successful battle in the Foch 155 is simple: keep your distance, cause as much damage as you can, and change your position; mobility can be more important than armor and firepower.

Legendary “Destroyer Machine” Camouflage for Foch 155

A formidable vehicle should have a formidable look! Terrify your enemy not only with the size of the gun, but also with the “Destroyer Machine” camo:

Camo Details Changes the tank name in battle to “Foch Destroyer” +4% to vehicle concealment on maps corresponding to the selected slot Unlock price: 2,840 Camo resupply: Free

Prepare your Renault FT and make your way to Tier X of the French tech tree in Update 4.0!

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