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Update 4.0 Notes
2017-07-18 17:00:00 / News
Server Downtime July 18, 12:00 PT (15:00 ET) – 17:00 PT (20:00 ET)

Times are approximate

Full Release Notes New Content Rating battles/rating system:

A new battle type with a separate queue is available for players in Tier IX-X vehicles
In Rating battles, players will earn or lose rating points
Teams is matched according to their ratings
Players is divided into leagues (from Bronze to Platinum) depending on their ratings

Bonus containers will appear: Standard, Big, and Huge containers with different reset times and rewards The “HALL OF FAME” tab in the sidebar menu takes players to the list of best Clans as well as player and league ratings on the WoT Blitz website. To move up in the leaderboard, Clans will have to earn Cups in tournaments Warpaints:

New camouflage “Bastille” and “Dynamo”

Legendary camouflage “Destroyer Machine” for the Foch 155, which also changes the vehicle name in battle

Vehicles A new branch of French tank destroyers added to the Tech Tree: Renault FT AC (II), Renault UE57 (III), Somua SAu 40 (IV), S35 CA (V), ARL V39 (VI), AMX AC mle 46 (VII), AMX AC mle 48 (VIII), AMX 50 Foch (IX), AMX 50 Foch (155) (X) IS-2: Turret and hull bottom armor fixed M6A2E1 EXP: thickness of hull rear armor changed to 41mm Maps Fort Despair map updated:

Map visuals reworked
Quantity of vegetation changed
Tents removed from the game area of base C and map center
Flag capture area changed
Destroyed walls reworked
Option for shooting across the flag capture area added


Balance improvements:

T71: firepower increased

76mm Gun M1A2: reload time of the magazine decreased from 14.68 to 12.73 s
76mm Gun T18: reload time of the magazine decreased from 12.73 to 11.26 s

Panther/M10: gameplay role of the medium tank enforced, vehicle mobility increased

Vehicle top speed increased from 46 to 55 km/h
For the Panther/M10, traverse speed increased from 43.81 to 47.98 deg/s

KV-3: gameplay role of the heavy tank enforced, an opportunity to block enemy fire using armor added

Vehicle HP (stock/top) increased from 1220/1300 to 1400/1450

PzSfl IVc: Top gun became more useful

Vehicle HP increased from 530 to 600
For the 8,8 cm Flak 41 L/74 gun:

  Dispersion ratio upon turret traverse decreased
  Aiming time changed from 5 to 4.1s

Shell replacement:

Shells replaced as vehicles with this gun almost never use Gold shells, because HESH shell gameplay is situational and very complicated to understand

For the 105mm Royal Ordnance L7A1 gun, HESH-T L-37 shells replaced with L-38 shells We’ll analyze the data with these new shells and bring back the HESH-T L-37 shells back in Update 41

General Fixes and Improvements Player name added to the post-battle statistics Improved effects for shooting at vehicles submerged under water Warning window added for the cancellation of equipment slot unlock Auto mute option added for cases when the game window is inactive (Desktop) In the Store, descriptions of goods now opened by double-tapping (Mobile/Touch) Increased penetration and armor due to mounted equipment now counted when highlighting vehicle parts Added local notifications of unlocked equipment slots for a particular vehicle Players rewarded with Class I-III and Ace Tanker Mastery badges, as well as “Invincible” and “Survivor Honorary” ranks, also receive Spare Parts Tornado Energy replaced with Adrenaline Bugfixes Bug where the sound of Engine Power Boost/Adrenaline termination played earlier than the consumables used up Bug where Clan Supply discounts on equipment displayed incorrectly Bug where all reserve players received a penalty for missing a tournament battle and a deduction of points from their Military Honor in case of a technical victory Bug where an incorrect amount of in-game currency accrued for mission completion Bug where a window notifying of 1 day of Premium Account accrual displayed upon the usage of a certificate for several hours of Premium Account Bug where purchase/sale buttons from previous screens remained active when switching between provision/consumable/ammunition windows Bug where a notification of compensation not displayed upon a stage’s completion for players that already have the vehicle Bug where a recently purchased vehicle was shown in the Platoon window instead of the selected vehicle Bug where the spectator receiving in-game currencies after tournament battles Bug where a player without enough Gold navigated to the first Store screen instead of the Gold tab Bug where the progress of equipment use displayed above the enemy/allied vehicles without consideration of the equipment’s effect Bug where consumable and provision controls remained active after pressing “Ready!” during a Platoon game Player outlines and markers fixed for the first person view Display of direction markers on the minimap fixed for spectators Reworked game description and notification text Various screens reworked General bugs and client crashes fixed

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