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Update 4.0: Rating Battles
2017-07-14 17:00:00 / News

Sometimes someone just makes mincemeat of your tank, and you can’t really blame it on “random” matchmaking. In rating battles, you will face only suitable opponents. Victories are worth a lot, and preceded by tons of challenge.

Welcome To “Rating Battles!” How Do I Participate?

To join a rating battle, select it in the menu near the “Battle!” button. The number of rating points earned or lost is shown on the results screen. The latest change in rating is shown under the “Battle!” button when the rating battle type is selected.

Top-Level Battles

Starting with Update 4.0, you will have a personal rating and a chance to meet worthy opponents in rating battles. “Rating” is an index that shows your performance in these battles. The more often you win, the higher your rating.

For your first rating battle, your personal rating is automatically calculated based on your victory ratio. Then this parameter is adjusted based on rating battle results.

Teams are matched from players with the closest ratings. Rating battles will run in seasons. The first season starts right after the release of Update 4.0.

Rating Battle Facts You can play alone or in a Platoon, Tier IX and X vehicles only You get more rating points for winning, but losing or draw games deduct them Battles take place in Encounter Battle and Supremacy game types When playing in a Platoon:
Both players should have a rating (i.e. each of them should have played at least one battle alone)
The difference in ratings between the Platoonmates should be less than 1,500 points Missions for regular battles can be performed in rating battles as well Rating battles have no effect on your statistics, except for the number of battles played and your records for experience earned or vehicles destroyed in one battle Matchmaking

The matchmaker for rating battles is quite different from the usual:

The matchmaker forms teams from players with the nearest ratings The teams are exactly equal in vehicle Tiers and number of Platoons The difference in the number of vehicles of the same class between teams should not exceed one The number of vehicles of the same class in each team is no more than four

Due to stricter matchmaking rules, the waiting time before a battle may increase, especially at night or early in the morning, when fewer players are active.

Take Your Place in the Hall Of Fame!

In Rating battles, you will earn or lose rating points, move between leagues, and go up and down the leaderboard. All of these are reflected in the Hall of Fame, a section on the Blitz website where you can find details of the current rating battle season, check your rating, and find information about any other participant of the season.

The rating page in the Hall of Fame is accessible from the player profile or the window with a notification about transfer to a new league.

Leagues: Bronze to Diamond

The higher the rating, the higher the league you are playing in. There’s five leagues in Rating battles:

Bronze: rating from 0 to 2,000 Silver: rating from 2,000 to 3,000 Gold: rating from 3,000 to 4,000 Platinum: rating from 4,000 to 5,000 Diamond: rating 5,000+

Players from adjacent leagues can meet on the battlefield if the difference in their ratings does not exceed 1,500 points.

As soon as your rating reaches the threshold value, you’re notified about the transfer to another league:

Changes in ratings and transfer between leagues is shown on the Blitz website after a small delay.
Starting from the Gold League, the Credit bonus for participation in battles increases:

17% bonus for the Gold League 34% bonus for the Platinum League 100% bonus for the Diamond League

Note: the bonuses refer to the fixed bonus for participation in battle, not the total amount of Credits earned. Learn more about battle profit calculation

It’s Pilot Season, but You Can Still Get Stuff!

It’s not easy to get everything right from the get-go, so our pilot season is set up to ensure that the system works properly. Some parameters may require on-the-spot changes: boundaries between leagues may be reviewed, profitability levels may change, etc. It’s too early to talk about prizes and reward criteria, but your achievements in rating battles will not remain unnoticed or unrewarded. All details are unveiled as soon as the rating battle season starts in earnest.

Soon, your combat skills will face a true challenge. Your glory is at stake and rewards are waiting!

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