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Update 4.3
2017-10-10 08:30:00 / Update Notes

The new game version will be released on October 10. Update 4.3 brings changes to the rules for crew skills training, introduces a legendary camouflage for the M48A1 Patton, adds improvements to the interface and balance, and includes fixes for some errors. And opens a portal to the Warhammer 40,000 Universe.

New features The Fort Despair map has been temporarily renamed Macragge — the home planet of the Ultramarines from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Updated crew skills and rules for training them: Level 7 for crew skill training has been added. Crew skill training can now be accelerated using Elite Experience, instead of Free Experience. Training acceleration is now available in three variants: free of charge, no bonus (1:1); for credits — a bonus +100% (1:2); for Gold — a bonus +200% (1:3). On the Crew Training button in the Garage, players can now see an icon for the currently trained skill and the progress that has been made for it. The currently trained skills are now changed immediately and without confirmation. Improvements have been made to interfaces, tooltips, and animations on all crew-related screens. Improved display of the inflicted damage. Improved red indicators for enemies outside the screen. Increased maximum length for clan description from 500 to 1,000 symbols. A new tab — Offers — was added to the in-game Store. Here, players can purchase bundles using gold. The 120 FPS option was added for iOS devices that can support this option. Vehicle changes The M48A1 Patton now features legendary camouflages: Beast for 2,840 Gold and Pit Bull for 3,980 Gold. The camouflages change the vehicle name in battle to M48A1 Patton Beast and M48A1 Patton Pit Bull correspondingly. Resupplying them is free. A permanent vehicle enrichment option was added for all researchable Tier V–VIII vehicles, while its cost has been lowered. Changes to vehicle parameters: Improved accuracy and increased rate of fire for all Tier VII guns of the M41 Walker Bulldog. Lowered armor penetration for HESH shells and increased reload time for the FV4202 and Centurion Mk.7/1. Decreased armor for all side screens of the IS-7. Changes made to the size and position of internal modules and crew members in the FV215b, IS-4, Т-62А, and Object 140. As a result, the modules will receive critical damage less often and the vehicles will become more comfortable to play. The damage models for the Marder II, Renault UE 57, T82, T40, Universal Carrier 2-pdr, and Valentine AT have been revised: An error was fixed that prevented HE shells from causing maximum damage upon hitting an open hatch. Transmission was separated from the engine. These vehicles are now more durable against a frontal hit. Fixed errors Fixed the reticle in Sniper Mode for the Waffenträger auf Pz. IV in positions with a rotated cabin. Fixed an error that caused the client to crash when a player tried to create a tournament room while in a platoon. Fixed an error that caused an empty screen to display instead of the battle result screen after exiting to Garage for a short time. Fixed an error that caused the Repair Kit to be used after the automatic track repair. Fixed the issue where a player was not added back into the candidate list after being removed from the tournament team. Fixed an error that caused 59 minutes to always display in an invite to a tournament room. Fixed an error that blocked the sending and receiving of tournament invitations. Improved various screens, notifications, and descriptions. Fixed general errors and game client crashes.

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