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Update 4.4
2017-11-08 12:00:00 / News
update 4 4 maus is 4 t 57 heavy

On November 9, Update 4.4 will be released. It will bring many small but important changes. We’ve improved rating battles, Military Honor, and additional equipment. Vehicle parameters have also been changed.

Watch the video below for the most important information about Update 4.4:

Major changes and new features Rating battles were improved: Now rating battles are available only during a certain period of time that is different for each region: CIS: 8:00—1:00 (MSK). Europe: 6:00—3:00 (CET). North America: 7:00—21:00 (PT); 10:00—0:00 (ET). Asia: 10:00—1:00 (UTC +8). Rating battles on Tier IX vehicles can be entered only with top modules mounted. For Tier X vehicles, any modules can be used. The rating battle team results screen was improved: an average rating of the team is displayed above the list of players; instead of Combat Experience received, a personal rating is displayed. Now you can fight a rating battle in a platoon only if both platoon mates are rated. This means that the first rating battle should be played alone. The player rating and leagues are now displayed on the clan’s military personnel screen. A new branch of British vehicles was added: The Tier II light tank Cruiser Mk. I The Tier III light tank Cruiser Mk. II The Tier IV light tank Valentine The Tier V medium tank Sherman V The Tier VI medium tank Sherman Firefly Map availability for vehicles was changed: The Naval Frontier map will be available for vehicles of Tier VI and higher. The Copperfield map will be available for Tier I–VII vehicles. The Mirage and Lost Temple maps will be available for Tier III–VII vehicles. Complaints and praises system was improved: The Military Honor level will now be displayed next to the player’s name in chat messages. Notifications for complaints and praises will be received in the Garage. In the Military Honor window, statistics will now be available for both the last 30 days and the whole time period. Vehicle characteristics were changed:
French “drummers” were weakened. The Tier V–VI Premium vehicle parameters were improved. The parameters of some other vehicles from the Tech Tree were changed. A new camouflage was added: The legendary Troublemaker camouflage for the Grille 15 with an unlock cost of 2,840. It changes the vehicle name in battle to Troublemaker.

Other improvements:
In the team results of both regular and rating battles, players are now by default sorted by damage caused. The player profile that opens when switching from the team results screen was improved: information on the rating, victory ratio, average damage, number of battles, and Military Honor was added. Invitations to tournament teams were improved. Previously, to join a team, it was enough to click “Accept” in the invitation. Now there will be a “To Team” button in the invitation, clicking it will open the team profile window. Only in this window, you can click the “Accept” button and become a member of the tournament team. In the Other tab of the settings, it’s now possible to disable pop-up notifications for friend requests and invitations to training rooms. New equipment

The Protected Modules and Enhanced Cabin equipment were removed. Instead, new equipment was added:

Improved Modules

+10% to track, fuel tank, and ammo rack durability

-20% to damage from ramming

Defense System

-10% to the chance of engine damage

-8% to the chance of crew injury

-7% to the chance of ammo rack damage

The equipment parameters were changed as follows:


Calibrated Shells

The bonus to penetration with High-Explosive Anti-Tank and High-Explosive shells was increased from +5% to +10%.

For Armor-Piercing and Armor-Piercing Composite Rigid shells, it remains the same—+5%.

Improved Optics

The bonus to view range was decreased from +10% to +7% for heavy tanks and from +10% to +5% for tank destroyers.

For medium and light tanks, it remains the same.


The bonus to shell velocity was increased from + 10% to + 30%.

The bonus to penetration decrease with distance was changed from -30% to -50%, which means that penetration will decrease slower.

Enhanced Armor

The bonus to hull and turret armor was decreased from +5% to +4%.


Improved Assembly

The bonus to vehicle HP was increased from +5% to +6%.


Improved Control

The bonus to the top traverse speed of the vehicle was increased from +7% to +10%.

Equipment will only affect the traverse speed—engine power will no longer change.

Engine Accelerator

For light and medium tanks, the bonus to reaching top speed was decreased from +7% to +5%.

For heavy tanks and tank destroyers, it remains the same—+7%.

Refined Gun

The bonus to dispersion at 100 m was changed from -5% to -10%, which means that gun accuracy will increase.



The bonus to module repair speed was increased from +25% to +30%.


Consumable Delivery System

The bonus to consumable cooldown speed was increased from +10% to +15%.


High-End Consumables

The bonus to the duration of consumables (Engine Power Boost, Adrenaline) was increased from +15% to +30%.


Bug fixes You can no longer switch to Sniper Mode before the battle. On the Naval Frontier map, the incorrect display of stones and walls, because of which it was impossible to cause damage even if the enemy vehicle was visible, was fixed. Now you can’t pass through some of the walls on the Naval Frontier and Yamato Harbor maps. Shooting through the destructible obstructions will no longer result in shell tracers passing through the enemy tank. You can now switch between shell types before the start of the battle. Various screens, notifications, and descriptions were improved. General bugs and client crashes were fixed.

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