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[1,999,002] Update 9.8: The most important

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  • Dynamic platoons
  • Personal reserves
  • Tapes efficiency
  • Dynamic platoon – a platoon that can be created directly in combat. Possibility becomes available immediately after the 30-second readout.

    [1,999,016] In the dynamic platoon, as in the usual act:


  • voice chat;
  • [1,999,030] Platoon chat.

    How to create a dynamic platoon?

    When you press CTRL platoon in column of icons will appear. To invite a player in the squad need to move the cursor on the corresponding icon and click on the left mouse button.

    key icons:

    • ally, you can invite the platoon;
    • ally can not invite the platoon;
    • you invited ally platoon;

    • you got an invitation from an ally.

    When you hover over the name of the player you are going to invite the platoon, right-click and select “Invite a platoon.”

    How to accept an invitation

    The fact that you sent an invitation to join the dynamic platoon system notification report. To go along, hover over the name of the inviting player and select “Accept invitation”.

    Please note that at this point you can create a dynamic squad with only ally.

    The ability to receive an invitation to a dynamic squad may have to be turned off in settings.

    Personal reserves – are special bonuses for random battles. Players will be available for three types of personal allowance *

    1. The experience of the crew.
    2. Combat experience.
    3. free experience.

    * combat missions for the personal allowance will be available in June. This is what we will report separately on the portal.

    Provisions are recognized for the implementation of random battles in certain combat missions, which will be available in the tab “combat missions”. After the tasks are placed on the private reserves of the warehouse and stored for a limited time. Shelf life will be indicated while receiving the award for the performance of combat missions.

    The size of the bonus private reserves are divided into three types:

    1. Small – increased to 7.5%.
    2. average – an increase of 7,5-12,5%.

      [1,999,030] Big – an increase of over 12.5%.



      [1,999,108] Please Caution If both activate several similar private reserves, their coefficients do not add up, with action to be smaller factor. For example, if you have activated two reserve for additional experience 5% and 12.5%, will operate a factor of 5%. Undo already activated reserve is impossible.

    In posleboevoy amount of additional earnings statistics, obtained after activation of the reserve will be listed separately.

    Personal provisions apply only to random battles and only a limited time after activation. If during the duration of the bout ended amplifier, the additional reward for the battle is not given. At the same time, you can activate up to three personal reserves. Menu activation is in the “header” Angara. To call it is necessary to click on the player’s name, and then select from the available private reserves.

    With the release of update 9.8 the game has another visual novelty – tape combat effectiveness. All of the player’s actions that benefit the team, now otmechatayutsya on the screen!

    Displays tapes combat effectiveness can be disabled in the settings.


    [1,999,186] [1,999,177]
    ribbons name Conditions for obtaining

    Destruction of the enemy
    • Destruction shot (as detected or not detected by the enemy).
    • destruction by arson.
    • Destruction of a battering ram.
    • Destruction sinking


    considers only changes in the strength of the car (changing the absolute amount of strength in the token):


  • When you deal damage N machines with one shot the ribbon is displayed with a factor N.
  • [1,999,030] Considering the damage battering ram.

    Inflicts modules are not taken into account

    Damaged modules and injured crew
    • Damage / destruction of enemy units.
    • Contusion crew enemy

    • Detect enemy equipment.

    Simultaneous detection several machines will be displayed the name of the tape and the multiplier

    assistance in the destruction
    • Damage shot ally “light up” the player.
    • Damage to the enemy after the damage the caterpillars player

    Using the armor
    • Ricochet shot the enemy.
    • no penetration of armor shot of the enemy.
    • Contact with the enemy Player of the tank without damaging

  • 10 complete units Capture player since the start of scoring
  • [1,999,038]

    Privacy Base
    • Bringing at least one base capture points Player

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