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We continue to acquaint you with the most interesting and useful articles in wiki-encyclopedia and fan resources. The main topic of today’s edition – Update 9.9.




[1,999,016] New tanks in the update 9.9 [1,999,019]

In place of the German tank to easy the seventh level Aufklärungspanzer Panther to update 9.9. I come Spähpanzer 1C. “Intelligence Panther” is not gained great popularity among the players, and what to expect from a beginner? A detailed review of the new light tank, its characteristics and peculiarities – the material players Wot-News:


Changes on the map “Swamp “TTX and tanks

With the release of the update 9.9. It has undergone substantial processing card “Swamp.” Where were impassable water obstacles now unfold fierce tank battles. And on one of the hills even lock up! Where is the best rashit and where to take the defense, see the visual guide players Wot-Planet:

Positive changes have affected many of the tanks: the vulnerability addressed in models of damage, recycled into new visual as 14 models. For tanks M46 Patton, M48A1 Patton, STA-1, STA-2, Type 62, T-44-122 modified the sighting, the spread of guns, permeability of soils. On this and many other things – in the visual material of players from Wot-TOP:



Marathon FV201 (A45) [1,999,019]

[1,999,006] On July 1, in the game there are special combat missions. The main award for their implementation – the British premium tank VII level FV201 (A45). For a technique held a marathon to have time to perform combat missions before August 1? What tactics best to apply? Tips and tricks for you to prepare players from Wot-LoL and Aces:

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