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Updated July 15. [1,999,010]

1. If you are faced with the problem of excessive blur in action, change the graphics settings (in the hangar, click the “Settings» & gt; «Graphics”):


  • Uncheck “dynamic change” for the 3D-rendering.
  • Set the slider to the “Resolution 3D-rendering” is 100%.
  • [1,999,020]

    2. If there is a problem with the “departures” on the cards AMD, but rather with drivers version 15.7, then install an earlier version of the drivers, for example 14.12 (download them here [1,999,023]).

    [1,999,013] 3. If the game is closed during the upgrade A Ngara, this may be due to the lack of a folder A wesomium.

    In order to solve the problem:

    1. Download archive .
    2. Open oyte folder , which set game client, it be open oyte res folder and unzip uyte contents of the archive in the folder res.
    3. n Try uyte go in the game.

    4. If you install mods missing some textures as maps and tanks themselves ( example [1,999,023]) – the problem is related to gaming modifications that are placed d3d9.dll file in the folder with the client game. To solve the problem, simply remove the file from the folder d3d9.dll game.


    [1,999,069] Tankers!

    [1,999,013] From the updates to updating World of Tanks is becoming more interesting and multi-faceted . We wish you a successful fights and recall that arise with any game you have questions or difficulties you can contact Customer Support Center (LAC) , whose staff work round the clock and are ready to render the qualified help in any situation.

    Below we describe the most frequently asked questions related to the release of updates and possible solutions.

    Problems associated with the use of modifications

    played a lot World of Tanks using different versions of the client. We remind you that they are not created by Wargaming, and third-party developers and users. Therefore, when the output of official updates World of Tanks may not perform as the game client with modified files: the fall fps, «hang” and “crashes” of the client, the lack of texture in sniper mode as well as a number of other problems.

    In most cases such problems can be solved by removing the modification of the game, sometimes it takes a completely reinstall the client. More issues related to modifications, as well as ways to solve problems considered here .

    company Wargaming is not responsible for the work of the game client modified files. Exceptions are fashion WG Stream , WG Social and voice of WGTV . All users who use these modes, it is recommended to download and install the latest version by clicking on the links.

    Performance. Fall FPS

    In order to make the most of the available power of a computer and get a comfortable performance of the game, it is important to optimally configure the client. It is recommended to use the auto-detection graphics settings. Open the game client tab Menu & gt; Settings & gt; Graphics Press Recommended , wait for the settings and click Apply . The system automatically will select the most appropriate game graphics quality, based on the parameters of your computer.

    In many cases, solve problems with the graphics in the game can update your graphics driver. On the site you will find the CPP detailed instructions on how to do this for video Nvidia and Radeon .

    offer and to view a video, which will help to set up the schedule, based on the capabilities your computer.

    Problems with launcher

    customer World of Tanks updated via the launcher. Sometimes, when you download or install the update may cause problems. We will list the most common ones are:

    • “Error unpacking the update file. Press Repeat to re-download. “
    • ” Fatal Error: Failed to download updates via http. Continued application impossible. Detailed information is available in the log file. “
    • The status bar displays” Update boot loader: Check for updates. “
    • ” Could not display the webpage. “
    • Continuously spinning cog. Lights inscription «Online – Offline».
    • Play button is grayed out.
    • «An unhandled exception is occured. The application will be restarted ».

    C solution of these problems can be found in This article Online LAC.

    hope in this article you will find answers to your questions. If the answer is not found, and the problem remains relevant, submit a new application to the Customer Support Center. To learn how to do it, read soi .

    The request describe your problem in detail and lists the steps that you have already done to address it. And if the game client has been successfully upgraded to the latest version, but the problem with it running or during the game, attach to the application program report WGCheck , which will contribute to the early resolution of the problem. Before you create the application, make sure that the problem is reproduced on the game client without modification.

    Contact the LAC

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