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Yesterday turned out service search sovzvodnyh 3wot.ru become even easier!
  • According to numerous requests from users implemented a system of filters in the search results.

users have become available for filtering by name, level and type of technology. In order to use the filter must be selected from the dropdown list one or more values ​​and click on the icon next to the filter funnel. Is possible to use all three filters at the same time.

  • Removed artificial limit on the number Display of search results, now when you scroll down the page a new piece of tanks loaded automatically!
Contest from 3wot.ru

The main task for the participant – to play the maximum number of fights in the platoon formed by 3wot.ru service during the period from 12/16/14 to 16/01/15. You may like to make new friends on our service and invite to start using our service their regular partners platoon.
Please note that the credit will go to only those battles, when all participants platoon are users of our service (set modes).
When equal amounts platoon fighting first place will get a player who has a list of sovzvodnyh during the contest will be varied.
I place – 1 year premium account
II place – Prem tank lvl 8 to choose from commercially available in the premium store WG on 01/19/15 or “gold” equivalent.
III place – Prem tank lvl 7 the choice of commercially available in the premium store WG on 01/19/15 or “gold” equivalent.

  • Results will be announced on 16/01/15, 01/19/15 results will be made public through the home page – 3wot.ru and in the group vkontakte vk.com/go3wot_ru
  • Prizes will be decorated with gifts through the services of WG

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