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Обновление WoT до версии 0.9.5 что нового на плюке?
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SH Corporation delights us with stories about the upcoming update New Games “World of Tanks” to version 0.9.5. The fact that new and interesting things in store for us in this update, tell the producer World of Tanks Michael Zywiec. Meet, (clap clap clap)! Please, (clap clap clap)!

program “KTTS.” Update 9.5

About the new tanks

The main novelty of this version is to add another branch British tanks. The first half of branches – it will be American cars, comes to Britain under Lend-Lease, light and medium tanks, including the famous Sherman Firefly. Sherman Firefly, which was redesigned by the British to install the famous 17-funtovki. The second half will be the British branch PT-ACS. Most of these cars were made in hardware, some of them fought. The climax of this branch will be the new PT-ACS FV4505 with 183-mm gun, a weapon similar to the adjacent a top British Tank Destroyers FV215b (183).
On the Internet, these new machines have got a lot of demativatorov example can be found here Funny demotivatory , but! the main difference between these machines is that the new PT will be much less armored and will have better mobility, and she will be more comfortable instrument. At the same time, in order to further dilute the nature of these machines, the front of the tower book FV215b (183) was significantly increased.

Also in this version we add a new premiumnyh tanks 8 level. This will be the German Panther with a tower and instrument Shmalshturm 8,8cm L / 71. The car will resemble the existing tank Panther 2, but with a much worse dynamics and slightly better instrument.

What is the Individual combat missions?

 WoT 095, KTTS

The second major innovation of this version is the addition of “individual combat missions”, which will be of a special set of tasks that are available to perform each player. Awards for the implementation of these combat missions are quite varied, ranging from loans to unique tanks, for example, the execution of one of the most complex combat missions will be available Soviet TT-10 level “Object 260”. Running mechanism of combat missions planned after the holidays. On January 15, 2015 in the framework of the New Year marathon!
WoT 095, KTTS

WoT 095, KTTS

WoT 095, KTTS

WoT 095, KTTS

Will the new card?

We will add new map for team fights “Lost City” and another card for fighting low levels “Mittengard.”
“Lost City” – is completely symmetrical map of mixed type with city blocks in the center. On the map “Mittengard” fights will begin on the slopes of a large ravine and will continue to fight in the center of the map in a small town.

What else is new in this update?

Apart new maps, we began work on the alignment of the relief on the old maps. On some of them there is an excessive number of small irregularities that make it difficult life light and medium tanks that lose speed on them, as well as tanks with poor decline tools that because of these irregularities can not properly aimed. In this version, we have made changes to the card “Vindstorm”, “Pass”, “Fisherman’s Cove”.

Also, we have long been waiting for players to finalize the minimap menu: This type mapping technique on the minimap and display lit up at the last place map. Yes, fashion XVM for WoT All this is perfectly realized, we tried to make something of their own.
WoT 095, KTTS

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