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held in Moscow today the fourth in a row tournament “Ural Steel”. Very soon begin show match between Na`Vi and Virtus.pro . Follow us!


[18:40] The second card “Cliff”. Na`Vi decided not to postpone the victory on the back burner and convert a significant competitive advantage in the victory. Two successful rounds on “Bluff and the match is finished. Natus Vincere 5: 1 Virtus.pro . Congratulations to the world champions!

[18:24] The match between Natus Vincere and Virtus.pro! The first card “Himmelsdorf.” Alternately, the team took “their” rounds, and all went to a draw on this map, if not a great counterplay by Na`Vi in the defense in the fourth round. Natus Vincere 3 1 Virtus.pro .

National Cup Finals Russia

[16:25] The second map – “Himmelsdorf.” Soldiers from the team KEROSIN have left no chance to fight back opponents, coming off a win in two battles at “Khimki”. KEROSIN 5: 1 LOBSTERS . The winners of the National Cup of Russia in World of Tanks is the team KEROSIN. Congratulations!

[16:00] The first card “Ruinberg.” The first three rounds showed the advantage side attack on this map. Only in the last battle KEROSIN able to achieve victory for the defense. KEROSIN 3: 1 LOBSTERS . We are waiting for “Himmelsdorf” chance for lobsters to reduce the backlog.


As part of the “Ural Steel” will be held the final of the first season of the national Russian Cup . For three months, the team participated in weekly tournaments and earn ranking points in the finals of the month. In the first season, the top two teams in accordance with rating of the National Cup Russia will compete for the title. This “Lobsters and follow them in the team rankings KEROSIN Team1 . The broadcast of the match – December 6 at 15:30 Moscow time.

Following the finale of the National Cup match will take place on the show one of the strongest teams in EU- and RU-regions Wargaming.net League Na`Vi will compete with Virtus .pro . This is the first offline-event matches which will be held in the new team fights . It is also a chance for the audience to see the first Natus Vincere in the new line-up. The broadcast of the match – December 6 at 17:30 Moscow time.

Where and when

“Ural Steel” takes December 6 in Moscow in Megapolis Art Center. Address: Paveletskaya, Building 2, Building 18. The nearest metro station – “Paveletskaya”. For all who want to open the door center 14:00 Moscow time. Admission is free .


For visitors

In addition to the games on the site you can try your hand at World of Tanks Xbox 360, to play in a platoon in World [1,999,008] of [1,999,009] Tanks Blitz and fight in World of Tanks in the new team fights. You will be able to play against other users and get souvenirs from the developers of the game, as well as to fight on stage to comments by leading Wargaming . net League and feel for yourself what it’s like – being a professional competitive players.


Tournament World of Tanks «Ural Steel” gathers the best soldiers.

In 2011, when the event was held for the first time, participants in the qualifying matches began more than 40 000 players from 30 countries. Already in 2012, for the final games of “Ural Steel” should be about 50 000 spectators and 5,000 fans came to the super final in Moscow. In 2013, the tournament was held at the home of tanks in the city of Nizhny Tagil.


Tournament organized by the company Wargaming with the participation of leading Russian Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” – the largest in global manufacturer of main battle tanks. More than 25,000 participated in the battles of copies of T-34, the most mass medium tank of World War II left the assembly line of the plant.

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