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Hello everyone,

probably for the sake of clarity, Wargaming NA decided to make a Q&A thread, where players can ask whether that respective mod is legal on US server. While in general terms the same conditions apply for all servers, please note that something being illegal on one server does NOT mean it’s automatically illegal on other servers – no idea why this is not unified, Wargaming is just funny that way.

From the thread:

– Warpack is illegal (duhhhh)
– the Battle Assistant (the arty mod) is legal
– XVM is allowed
– sniper-mode zoom-in and zoom-out mod is not allowed, except for replays for free camera

Explanation for the zoom mod from WG manager Pigeon_of_War:

This goes back to our Lens Scope prohibited mod rule. If you can zoom with your Sniper mode so much it removes foliage from the position you are in or the position you are zooming, it is Prohibited. These mods do exist and it seem to be caused be a mix up in someone coding it (accidentally?) so that you can zoom so for that it incidentally causes the foliage to be removed. Just note, it’s Prohibited if it removes foliage. Regular Zoom Mods that allow you to just increase the the area you are currently looking in are fine (for right now, we do reserve the right to change this at anytime, of course

So if you have an account on US server, you can ask whether a mod is legal or not. Haven’t seen any such thread for EU.

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