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Hello everyone,

those few, who follow the events of Clanwars campaign number 3 know that game rigging happens – the UNICA case being only the latest example on the EU server. To prevent such cases happening on the US server, WG NA decided to do something very interesting. They decided to run a log of investigated CW battles.

Too bad it’s missing names, but then the effect is clear. CW campaign battles reported by other players, flagged by an automated anti-rigging system (there is actually such a thing, as RU server periodically reports the names of banned players, who got caught rigging) or through random checks.

And the EU server? Well, you guessed right… no such topic. After all, we wouldn’t want the privacy of riggers and frauds violated, would we?

I actually think it’s a pretty interesting initiative. Let’s see how it goes.

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