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Continues Third titled ” The Great War. ” Development Team World of Tanks together with the resource wotreplays.ru announces the launch of the competition replays, which can take part every player who takes part in the fighting second phase of the Third Campaign .

In the “Great War” players and clans are fighting for glory Points. 30,000 players who have scored the most points of Fame, will be rewarded with a special clan tank “Object 907” , M60 or VK 72.01 (K) own choice. Fame Points are calculated based on pure experience, which is prepared for the battle tankers. Therefore NOMINATIONS are connected to give the pure experience.

Contest rules
  • Fight should be played and replay loaded from 1 to 12 December .
  • accepted only replays of fights played in the second phase of the third campaign.
  • Participates equipment level to VIII inclusive.
Nomination “Heroes of Verdun” *


  • to get as much of the total pure experience in all loaded for the specified period replays. The more you send replays to the competition, the higher the chances to win!


  • top 50 players will receive 2500
  • Winner will receive premium tank VIII level to choose from the available in-game store.
Nomination “decisive contribution”


  • get as much pure experience in one battle on the technique of any class.


  • top 100 players will receive 1000 .


  • A player can only upload your own replays.
  • Fight should be written to the end.
  • Replay should not be a secret.

The results are evaluated automatically. The player simply upload your replay through a special form on the website wotreplays.ru .

The fact that a replay and how to write it down, you can read here .

Good luck on the battlefield!

* Verdun – city ​​in France, which became a place of grand battle of World War I between the German and French armies in the middle of 1916 and was a result of the almost completely destroyed.

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