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1. General Regulations of the second phase of the Third Campaign

1.1. The second stage of the third campaign on the Global Map will be called “Verdun grinder” * and will last for 10 days – from 1 to 11 December 2014.

1.2. In the second stage can only participate technique to VIII level inclusive.

1.3. Riots and looting included.

1.4. Map after the first phase of the “cleaned” will not be the owners keep their province.

1.5. On December 1, 9:00 (GMT) until 2 December 9:00 (GMT) is active “redivision of the world”:

  • All provinces are available for landing.
  • All scheduled fights canceled of the chips are returned to the reserve clan without “freezing”.
  • intelligence and counterintelligence included.
  • riots and looting disabled.
  • The maximum number of applications for participation in the landing within “redivision of the world” – 32.
  • If in the course of the tournament for landing a fight with the owner of a draw, the province passed into the possession of Clan-applicant.

1.6. “The redistribution of the world” ends on December 2. After that, the rules come into force stage “Verdun grinder”:

  • riots and looting are included.
  • intelligence and counterintelligence included.
  • The maximum number of applications for participation in the landing – 64.

1.7. The ability to move and attack the fortress of chips will appear only with the end of “division of the world.”

1.8. During the third campaign clan at any time can make the transition between the global map, or leave the card at all. At the same clan loses all his possessions on the map, which leaves, but its glory Points saved.

1.9. After the departure of all the chips in the clan, as well as the rate removed from the card and transferred to the reserve. Previous card chips and rate are available 24 hours. In reserve available chips can be set to any global map on the next move after removal.

2. The main objectives of the second phase

2.1. In the second stage, the map will appear on a special area – the fortress. The fortress consists of a citadel in the center and the adjoining approaches. For the capture of the province for the access-clan gets a bonus glasses glory. If capture the citadel, and then approach to it, for the seizure for the access clan will get 4 times more points of fame than the base amount.

2.2. Reacquisition for the access does not bring the clan bonuses. The map will be clues, reports that there is already captured by this approach.

2.3. Province, directly adjacent to the approaches are called bridgehead and are constantly landing.

2.4. In the very citadel of land impossible. In addition, in the provinces belonging to the fortress, there are no riots. Get in the province of the fortress can only be bridgeheads.

2.5. The opportunity to attack the fortress appears only after the “division of the world.”

2.6. Fortress exist only for five days (120 strokes), then appear elsewhere. [1,999,011] [1,999,010] 2.7. With the advent of the fortress citadel of her, approaches and bridgeheads “cleared” to create a level playing field for all clans:

  • All chips and bet transferred to the reserve without “freezing”.
  • If a clan whose rate was returned to the reserve, served Disembarkation task, its execution will be terminated.
  • All counterintelligence officers who are on the province, disappear.
  • If the rate was transferred to the reserve, all intelligence and counterintelligence who were in the process of learning to disappear.

2.8. If the province, which should appear in the citadel or approach, is the starting (t. E. Constantly landing), it will become normal and will remain so until the beginning of the third stage.

2.9. If the battle for the bridgehead ends in a tie, the winner is attacking clan.

2.10. Fortress vary in their yield glasses glory. Different yield fortress marked on the map icons of different colors – gold, silver, bronze.

  • The number of points for the glory of the clan to seize for the access:


icon Fortress Type fortress Citadel is not captured Citadel captured
image 100000 400000
image “Silver” 200000 800000
image “Gold” 300000 1200 000

2.11. As part of a fortress all approaches bring the same bonus.

2.12. After the disappearance of the fortress:

  • Probability insurgency in the province becomes the same.
  • Scheduled fights for the province of the former fortress are preserved.
  • If Province, formerly the approaches is the home page, then vysadochnyj scheduled tournament is maintained.
  • If Province, formerly the approaches is normal, then scheduled to fight for the province is canceled, all the chips are returned to the pool of a royal family without “freezing”.

2.13. At the end of the second phase of Points of Fame players, clans, which took in stage 1-3 th places are multiplied by a certain factor.

  • 1st place – x3.
  • 2nd place – x2.
  • 3rd place – x1,5.
3. Additional tasks of the second phase

3.1. The problem of “Call of Fame”: Fame Points earned in all the battles of the province of existing fortress (citadel and approaches) multiplied by 1.1 (the coefficient Z in the calculation formula ).

3.2. The problem of “Call”: Glory Points earned in all the battles against the clan of the current owner of the citadel, multiplied by 1.2 (the coefficient Z in the calculation formula ).

  • If the clan performs just two minor problem, the coefficient Z = 1,3.

3.3. With the first phase until the end of the third campaign players are available to perform the task of headers. Full list of rules and perform such tasks are given in General Regulations Third campaign.

3.4. In addition, all along the campaign can perform secondary and special tasks, the list of which is also given in Regulations .

Battle of Verdun. Historical background


Verdun operation – one of the largest and bloodiest in the First World War. It was held from 21 February until 12 December 1916 and went down in history as “ Verdun meat grinder.” During the battle, the French troops were able to repel a large-scale German attack and prevent the release of the German army to Paris.

Verdun operation along with the Battle of the Somme marked the beginning of the depletion of the military potential of the German Empire and the strengthening of the Entente.

Verdun was first widely used light machine guns, rifle grenade launchers, mortars, flamethrowers and chemical weapons. Increased density of artillery, aviation actively used.

infantry in the offensive was building deep and battle formations created assault groups. For the first time by road transport made operational regrouping of forces. Experience in the defense, built on a combination of field and permanent fortifications, served as one of the arguments in favor of building a fortified border strip, which were established in most countries of Europe after the First World War.


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