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big celebration in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory of spectators will gather May 10 on the territory of historical and cultural complex “Stalin Line”. For the first time in historical reconstructions will participate legendary SAU SU-100 restored authentic celebrity status to a team of professional restorers.

[1,999,006] May 10 you will find interesting and rich program:

[1,999,006] 1. “Dogfight” – light aircraft demonstration flights with elements of aerobatics Central Aeroclub DOSAAF Belarusian them. twice Hero of the Soviet Union SI Gritsevets.

2. Demonstration flights of modern aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

3. Reconstruction of “fighting” the Great Patriotic War

  • landing in Normandy (with a real parachute landing)
  • [1,999,019] [1,999,021] assault Seelow height;

  • hoisting the flag of victory over Reichstag.

Start the festivities – at 14.00.

[1,999,006] Ticket price: Adult – 100 000 bel. rub., for children – 50 000 BYR. rub.

parking of transport: car, minivan – 15000 Bel. rub., bus – 30,000 Belarusian rubles. rub.

Inquiries by phone: (+375 17) 503-20-20.


Historical and Cultural Complex “Stalin Line” is located at 31 km of the route P28 (Minsk – Molodechno ), 20 km from the ring.

[1,999,006] For owners of private cars has appointed two paid parking. Seats are limited: to take a guaranteed parking space, it is necessary to arrive 1,5-2 hours before the event.

[1,999,006] For visitors who do not have private transport, with the dispatching station “Friendly” with an interval of 15 to 25 minutes depart taxis to stop “Stalin Line”.

Organiser – Foundation for the soldiers-internationalists “Afghan Memory” . At the initiative of the fund set up historical and cultural complex “Stalin Line” Military History Museum in the open air. The historical basis of the museum make up the Minsk fortified bunkers. The museum re-created, and is equipped with the company commander of land fortified.
Information Partner events – an initiative “remember everything” company Wargaming.

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