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Victory Day on the “Stalin Line” in Minsk

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event in honor of the 70th anniversary of Victory was attended by 10 May thousands of spectators on the territory of historical and cultural complex “Stalin Line”. Guests renovated historic battles on the ground and in the air. For the first time fans were able to see the military history of the legendary self-propelled guns SU-100, restored to the status of an authentic charitable foundation “Afghan Memory”.

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Until 1937 there was held the western border of the Soviet Union – a system of fortified length of a few hundred kilometers from the Karelian Isthmus to the Black Sea. Today the “Stalin Line” – is an open air museum with the largest collection of Belarusian military equipment.

first showed the audience “Dogfight” – light aircraft demonstration flights with elements of aerobatics Central Aeroclub DOSAAF a parachute landing.

deafening explosion: Soldiers stormed the Seelow Heights, the allies met on the Elbe and hoisted the flag of victory over the Reichstag. During the reconstruction of Berlin we took just a few minutes. When the stands are rolled another wave from the explosion of fake shells, it became uneasy. But the war is much worse, because it is in such explosions killed someone comrades, friends, relatives.

In the arrangement was attended by over 100 people from the original weapons of the Great Patriotic War, as well as StuG German and Soviet T 44. For the first time took part in the reconstruction of the celebrated self-propelled gun SU-100. Its restoration was completed on the eve of Victory Day. Rises engaged in the famous team of professionals, already known to many in the film “T-34”.

[1,999,021] Up “Stalin Line” ACS was a military training ground and was in poor condition: there was no engine, no transmission, no the roof of the engine compartment. Recently, the SU-100, crumble in 1945, even the latest “Royal Tiger” got a new life. Thanks to the commitment of the restorers of historical authenticity to the self-propelled rollers and installed lights wartime. To learn how to pass complex restoration work, the company released the film Wargaming “SU-100. Rises “.

tanks involved in the reconstruction of the capture of Berlin, Victory Day took part in the parade. On the “Stalin Line” was not only climb the legendary fighting vehicles and take pictures with them, but also ride.

worked for visitors folk artisans, trays with thematic souvenirs and toys for the children turned to point akvagrimom and on the pond can be fun “walk” on the water in a special transparent ball – zorb.

See, how was the reconstruction and find yourself near the tanks can be in our photo gallery.

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