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On March 1, 9:00 (GMT) on 1 April 8:30 (GMT) in the game will operate a special military task, which you can earn an additional Bonus:

image Victory with good taste”

The Defeat 20 wins

image Automatic fire extinguisher .

+ 15% combat experience within an hour

Constraints Random battles.
All equipment.

Задачу You can perform once a day . Результаты are reset every day at 3:00 (МСК)

Bonus 15% of combat experience is calculated taking into account the premium account and other modifiers to the experience.

Bonus starts from the the completion of the 20th victorious battle and acts over the next hour .

Every day at 3:00 (GMT) results are cleared. The player, who finished 20th winning the battle, for example, at 2:30 am (GMT), you still get Bonus hour [1,999,010], that is, until 3:30 (MSC ).

Another way to get the reward

For those tankers, which for some reason did not want to meet a condition of the combat mission “Victory with good taste” , we added in the Premium Shop Special packages , enabling the completion of the purchase of this condition.

When purchasing a package bonus of 15% of the combat experience starts from the date of authorization in the game and acts during the next hour .

daily at 3:00 (GMT) results are cleared. The player who has bought the package, for example, at 2:30 am (GMT), still get Bonus hour [1,999,010], ie to 3:30 (GMT).
Note! When purchasing a package you do not get automatic fire extinguisher – it can only be obtained independently performing combat tasks.


It is possible that a player has got the package, the conditions of the combat mission, and got Bonus hour , and then won 20 fights within the same day. In this case, the second award to start operating after zeroing the results of the combat mission, the next time you login to the game and not earlier than 3:00 (GMT) the following day. Thus, Bonus hour can be obtained only once a day.

Remember that all current active World of Tanks you can learn from .

Good luck on the battlefield!

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