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Видео-побасенки Мира Танков
Hi, tankers! Are you 40 tons, 40 million, 40 meters and sergeant Bolzen!
present to you the ninth edition of the non-periodic column “Video fables” World of Tanks “[1,999,008]. In this category are collected popular video okolotankovoy subjects last week. Everything that you see in these videos created by different authors. Watch, rate, have fun and do not forget to subscribe to channels of those authors that you liked. As always, I welcome your comments.

Mom, I filmed! Funny moments from World of Tanks A3Motion

T-34-85 on TV Star

suffered. It used to be better – from BloowLightning [World of Tanks]

Light Tank T-127 – rukoVODstvo from AnnetNova [World of Tanks]

A little insider

Test server WoT 0.9.5 test1 will be launched Thursday, November 27, 2014

Michael Storm Zywiec Ob individual missions

-Who invented 20k locked damage?
-20k total: Locked + application.
Statistics show that this is possible. When you create a knowledge base we thought about how many tanks would like to give and this number is estimated thresholds on statistics.

-Mihail, if not difficult, give information how many fights with such indicators (20k to shoot / locked damage) you received for patch 9.4. Just after the damage to the psaltery longer counted as blocked, even dial 10k locked damage practically impossible.
-sulfonic. Specifically, this issue is not doing just that and made inquiries as planned to do.
On the skill + case, all the same, and not just in case. In this case, the mass availability and we did not anticipate. To achieve the goal will be very difficult.
will change the numbers or not – yet I can not say.

Somehow wot-news.com thanks for the information.

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