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We have collected for you the most interesting videos on the updated regime “Team Deathmatch” over the past week. Missed something? Do not worry, you can easily find it here!

Champions Wargaming.net League TheAnatolich and Arclit completed their training course on the updated format command fights. We offer you the latest analysis of the four series cards:




“Siegfried Line”

complete Clash Series: Second Chance . Triumph of the tournament was the team NSS Team , which not only won the qualifying stage, but also take apart the more experienced team in the finals. In the battle for access to the Gold Series were defeated TR (former Revival Dragons ).

Premier Division Members are asked to support the team in the coming season, join their group “VKontakte” .

Leave comments with feedback and suggestions for instructional videos on YouTube and the subject “Review of tactical actions in the format” Attack / Defense “” forum. We will take into account all the views and try to answer the most interesting questions in the following editions.

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