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From March 20 9:00 (GMT) on March 23 8:30 (GMT) will take place in the game action dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Vienna operation. At this time, you expect:

Discounts and bonuses

image three times more experience for the first win of the day throughout the technique, regardless of the level, type and nation.

And bonus while translating experience in free

35 image [1,999,020] for 1 instead 25image.

Martial problem

image Attack!”


Get any medal from the list:

“Warrior . “
” Tanker sniper. “
” The main caliber. “
” Defender “.
” invaders “.
” Steel Wall “.
” Support “. “Scout.”
“Band of Brothers.”
“decisive contribution”


750 experience points at the end of the battle

Constraints Random battles.
investigated technique IV -X levels.
tasks can be performed unlimited number of times

In the case of multiple medals from the list in one battle reward is not increased.

image victory trophy, Part 1

image Stabilizer vertical lay Mk 2


performing combat tasks Attack! “ 25 times


tasks can be performed only once for each account

image victory is forged in battle”

The Apply at least 1,000 points of damage machines opponent for the fight.
get into fuel 7 team’s damage

750 experience points at the end of the battle

Limitations Random battles.
tasks can be performed unlimited number of times .
For equipment from the list:
image image image T-34
imageimageimage T-34-85
image image image IS
image image image
imageimageimage SU-100
image image image SU-152
image image image ISU-152
image image image Panther
image image image Tiger I
image image image Tiger (P)
image image image StuG III Ausf. G
image image image Nashorn
image image image Jagdpanzer IV

image image image Wespe
image image image Hummel


image On the way to victory

Available for players 40 times fulfilled the conditions combat mission “Guns of Victory” (March 16, 9:00 (GMT) on March 20, 8:30 am (МСК)).


Disable for a fight for at least three cars enemy


image In one and a half times more experience at the end of the battle

Constraints Player fulfilled combat mission “Guns of Victory” 40 times .
Random battles.
The study technique IV-X levels.
tasks can be performed 15 times a day . The results are reset every day at 3:00 (GMT)

Remember that all current active World of Tanks you can learn from .

Good luck on the battlefield!

Historical Background


Vienna strategic offensive operation was conducted from March 16 to April 15, 1945. The objectives of the operation was the final defeat of the German and Hungarian troops in the western part of Hungary, as well as taking the capital of Austria – Vienna. The operation was carried out by the 3rd Ukrainian and partly – 2nd Ukrainian Fronts.

On the German side participated in the battle forces of Army Group “South” as part of the 6th and 8th field armies, the 6th SS Panzer Army, 2nd Panzer Army and 3rd Hungarian Army. Also participated in the operation of the Army Group «E» and the 4th Air Fleet.

March 16 after the hour artillery barrage began to advance to the west and south-west of the 4th and 9th Guards Army 3rd Ukrainian Front. Germans fairly quickly regained control of his troops after the artillery strike, and they were able to slow down the rate of advance of the Soviet troops. The day strike force of the Red Army was able to advance only 3-7 km. In support of the 9th Guards Army, it was decided to reassign the 3rd Ukrainian Front 6th Guards Tank Army of the 2nd Ukrainian Front.

by 19 March Soviet troops on the direction of the main strike progressed to a depth of about 18 km with a width breakthrough 36 km. After the battle the guards entered tankers, still managed to get 6-8 km. March 20 at the battle to take the 27th and 26th Soviet Army, advancing towards the main group on Polgardi and Lepshen. Under threat of encirclement, the Germans began to retreat.

March 22 4th Guards Army took Szekesfehervar. 9th and 6th Guards Tank Army pursued the enemy to retreat to the river Raab. March 29 forces of the left wing of the 3rd Ukrainian Front took Nagykanizsa. After that, the direction of their approach was deployed to the west.

April 27 by the left wing of the 2nd Ukrainian Front was eliminated Esztergom-tovaroshskaya enemy force. 2 April Soviet forces in this area came to the Austro-Hungarian border between the Danube and Lake Neusiedl.

March 30 forces of the 3rd Ukrainian Front entered the territory of Austria. April 4, capturing a number of cities, the Red Army reached the approaches to Vienna.

April 5 began a fierce battle for the capital of Austria. The enemy turned the city into a powerful defensive unit, it protects the 6th SS Panzer Army. On the outskirts of the city Soviet units managed to break through to April 6. Heavy fighting continued until April 13, after which the Red Army finally took Vienna.

Vienna operation was a complete liberation of Hungary, the seizure of the eastern part of Austria and its capital. The Red Army entered the southern approaches to Germany. About 50 Soviet units and who have distinguished themselves in the course of the operation, received the honorary title “Vienna”. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was established medal “For the capture of Vienna”.

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