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Virtual tour of tanks

Each year in the British city of Tank Museum Bovington passes “Tankfest” – one of Europe’s biggest festivals armor . The company Wargaming, a longtime active participant in this event, this year prepared a special gift for festival-goers and lovers of armored vehicles.

Together with Google and Bovingtonskim museum was filmed a series of videos in the format of 360 & deg ;. Look forward to a fascinating virtual tour of several famous combat vehicles: T-55 / Type 59 (USSR-China), Sherman «Fury» (USA), Leopard 1 (Germany) and Chieftain (UK). Together with our historical advisors Nicolas Moran and Richard Katlandom you can look at the tank from the inside through the eyes of the crew, to pass on the armor on range and listen to a fascinating lecture on the history and peculiarities of each tank.

Few photos from the shooting panoramic movies .


[1,999,032] familiar with the device for viewing and basic controls a viewing angle can be given руководстве.

For convenient viewing of video on mobile devices, we recommend a special application Littlstar out “Useful Software”. After downloading, go to vr.worldoftanks.ru .

The most striking impression you get if you watch our virtual tour through a stereoscope. This simple device of virtual reality from Google, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the world. If you do not – it does not matter. I suggest to download a brochure with a sweep of the stereoscope soldiers. Cardboard, glue, a pair of lenses, smart and a bit of spare time – that’s all you need to be inside the tank without leaving home.

Download the unfolding stereoscope World of Tanks .

Technical requirements for devices to view stereoscopic images.

  • Operating System: Android at least version 4.3 or iOS 7.0 or later version. Not guaranteed compatibility with Windows Phone, we recommend browsing with a PC.
  • Processor: Quad Core 1,6 GHz or higher. If the frequency is below the recommended, may “hang” while watching.
  • Motion sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope.
  • diagonal: optimal – 5 inches, is compatible with the size of 4 to 6 inches, limited compatibility with screens smaller or larger diagonal.
  • Resolution: optimally – Full HD (1080×1920) or higher is compatible with the resolution of HD (720h1280), limited compatibility with lower resolution.
  • [1,999,078]

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