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On a visit to Wargaming.FM chief specialist of game-mastering Cyril and Jaroslav
Subject ether: Campaign “For a clean chat” (Transcript of ether ).
Do you often insult players?

– In one day, the players write 15-20 million messages in the combat chat.
– is a system of “competent ban” – issuing a ban chat on a specific channel . When implementing KTTS.
– Now the ban is tied to the player, and applies to all chat at once.
– We will toughen punishment system, the system will relapse and banks each time will increase.
– anti-record in the history: Player 16 fights in a row (all the battles have been played in 1 day) wrote over 2,000 abusive messages. (Lol aaaaaaa let the nickname of the player approx. Ed.)
– The idea of ​​notifying bath Player, your complaint is good, but it is technically difficult to implement.
– Technical size limits contact list (friend + ignore) 1000 players.
– If you are a lot, a lot of swearing, you can chat ban permanently (forever).
– This promotion (“For pure IM”) still last a long time.
– Complaints Division works 24/7
– We are encouraged to actively use the system of complaints, we will finish and improve the mechanism, including a system of rewards.
– It has been two weeks events, we have reduced 2-fold mat chatting
In the transcript thanks WoT Express

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