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VK 72.01 (K) with their hands

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Those who participated in the battles on the Global map, familiar tank VK 72.01 (K), nicknamed “Tapkolev.” This prize tank of the Second and Third upcoming campaign. Letter (K) in the title means Krupp. And let this fighting machine existed only in the form of sketches and drawings, but the concept of heavy breakthrough tank, which was developed within the framework of “Tapkolev” came the legendary “Maus” (his model you have already collected). Development index VK 72.01 it was discontinued in favor of a “Mouse”.

Paper Model Tank VK 72.01 (K) comes in two series: “The layout of the tank” contains a detailed scan of the historicity and “Bronekorobochka” will stick together ‘ Tapkolev “in one of two options: the standard gray color, and spotted” desert “camouflage. Brochures are interrelated: if a model “Bronekorobochka” authentic enough for you, you can add the details of its models “Layout of the tank.” If you have chosen the model of “dummy tanks” that can always simplify it by taking items from “Bronekorobochki.”

Model tank VK 72.01 (K) in the series “Bronekorobochka” going easily and quickly – in just a couple of evenings . The brochure contains several options frontal sheet machine with emblems of popular tank clans. To recreate the look of an armored vehicle used by the texture and camouflage of World of Tanks, archival drawings and photographs.

In the “Simulation” awaits contest for assembly models from the series “Bronekorobochka.” The terms of participation in the competition, you can find here . Note that for prizes, participants, in addition to possession of gold, will receive special diplomas.

Do not forget to share photos of completed model! In addition, if you want to build a model of any other tank or get advice from experienced modelers to send photos of models and leave your suggestions on the official forum of the game in the “Modeling” .

Models series of “dummy tanks” and “Bronekorobochka” developed by experts of the site World of Papertanks.

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