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Wargaming today announced the game Master of Orion, showing the debut trailer.
On the site there was a report of time, which states that the flight will start in 26 days, but for some reason the counter does not move. And here is the forum of the project.
Back in 2013, when the franchise were sold Atari, Wargaming company bought the rights to Master of Orion, the legendary turn-based strategy, and now, appeared before the E3 trailer

The game will be Single + Multiplayer supports about 12 languages.
Soon, the game can be pre-ordered, but so far the information in this section is not present.

Wargaming анонсирует Master Of Orion

The authors promise that significantly improve various elements of the strategy compared to the previous installments. It will be added to the famous voice actors will change the interface and system training. Later in Wargaming promise to talk about other important innovations.

To develop attracted Argentine studio NGD Studios.

Wargaming анонсирует Master Of Orion

Chapter Wargaming Victor Sour said that the Master of Orion has a tremendous impact on the formation of his personal preferences as a gamer and as a developer. “The franchise won the time, and we are honored to work on it together with the NGD Studios», – he noted.

Master of Orion – a classic turn-based strategy series, similar in gameplay to Civilization. It tells of the conquest of space. After the Master of Orion III in 2003 stopped the development of new issues.

Wargaming анонсирует Master Of Orion
Wargaming анонсирует Master Of Orion

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